6 Simple ways to watch Youtube without Ads

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Everybody loves watching Youtube videos. Youtube becomes the largest Video watching platform used both for entertainment and educational purposes. But now it’s become annoying because you will see a lot of ads.

If you are irritated by watching ads and want to watch Youtube without ads. Then continue reading this article. This article solves all your problems related to Youtube advertisements. 

Youtube shows ads to generate revenue and also pays its users whose channels are monetized. Now let’s move to the solution to the problem. Our team members search and test all these methods after a lot of hard work. Hope you will like them.

We will cover this topic in these sub-topics. You can move on with your related query according to your choice.

Register an account on Youtube Premium:

If you afford premium membership then this is the method for you. Youtube premium allows you to watch youtube without advertisements.

Young Girl wearing headphones watching Youtube on Tab

Benefits of Youtube Premium:

  • Watch Youtube without Ads: Youtube premium allows you to watch millions of videos without ads. In the normal Youtube version, you will see a lot of In-Stream and banner ads. But this is without ads.
  • Download videos to watch Offline: In the premium version of Youtube, you can download your favorite videos and playlists. Then watch them offline. 
  • Background Play: One of the best features of youtube premium is that it offers background video play. But in the normal youtube version, you will not see this feature. 
  • Youtube Music Premium: When you buy a subscription then it will give access to Premium music. Enjoy the music of your choice easily.
  • PiP (Picture-in-Picture): This option helps you to play Youtube videos when you are using other apps. But in the normal version, this function is not available. 
Important Tip: If you afford then buy Youtube premium. Because in ads-blocking apps you have to give access to third-party apps.

Using Ad blocking apps:

If you cannot afford Youtube premium and try to get rid of ads. Then ad-blocking apps are the best option. Thousands of ad-blocking apps are available on Google Playstore.

Watch Youtube without ads using ad guard application

Note: If you want to learn How to block Youtube ads on iPhone or iPad then this topic is discussed in detail in heading No 6 of this article.
But all of these apps work only in web browsers. These ad-blocking apps are not capable of blocking ads in Youtube App.
So you can block ads only when you are using a web browser.

In this regard, Ad Guard helps you a lot.

1. Ad Guard: This app is best for blocking Youtube ads on smartphones. This app provides you with an alternative and close way of blocking ads on Youtube.

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  • First, download the Ad-Guard app from their official website. Because this application is not available on the Google Play store.
  • After installing it give it neseccasty permission. Don’t allow permissions if you don’t like it.
  • Then play a Youtube video in Youtube official app. After that click on the share option and open it in the Ad-Guard app. This video starts playing in this app without ads.
  • This app interface is just like a Youtube player.

Ads blocking extensions from Web browsers

If you are a desktop user then this option will help you a lot. Thousands of ad-blocking extensions are available for ad-blocking.

The best thing about them is that these apps are for chrome and also for Opera Browser. These apps also block ads on your web browser. So it will help you in other websites and browsers other than Youtube. 

Watch Youtube without ads using chrome ad blocker extensions

Some famous extensions are

Adblock for Youtube:

This extension is best for blocking annoying ads on Youtube.

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This app is available on Chrome Web Store. This extension has 10,000,000+ active users. 


  1. Block video, Banner, and Popup ads
  2. Prevent ads from loading on Youtube
  3. You can also remove annotations from Youtube
  4. This app helps you to load Youtube faster.

uBlock Origin

This extension is also best for ad blocking on Youtube and other websites.

This app is available on Chrome Web Store. On Chrome, this app has 10,000,000+ active users. Which shows its popularity.


  1. This extension is free to use
  2. It blocks all tracers which track your location
  3. It also blocks online malicious URLs.
  4. Prevent you from spam links

Use VPN apps and Extensions to block Youtube ads

VPN (Virtual Private Network). These apps not only hide your location but also help you block unwanted ads.

Some famous VPNs that allow you to block YouTube ads are as follows.

Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is highly recommended for blocking unwanted ads. This app is available for both desktop and Android. It has both paid and free versions. You can choose according to your preferences.


  1. This is a premier security provider.
  3. Unlimited data for Internet freedom
  5. If you buy the premium version, it allows 6 devices per account.
  7. Block unwanted ads 
  9. VPN auto-connect for effortless online protection.

Express VPN:

This app is available both for desktop and Android.

This VPN is widely used. It allows you to block unwanted Youtube ads such as banners and video ads.


  1. The VPN server network is fast and reliable.
  3. Safely access your favorite content with an unlimited VPN
  5. It provides you with the next-generation VPN protocol
  7. Block Youtube and other adds
  9. It provides you with privacy protection with an easy IP address changer

Block ads in the Youtube App:

There is no option for blocking ads on Youtube because in the official app, this is not available. 

But you can change your ad preferences by watching this Youtube video. This will help you block annoying ads. Show you only related ads.

I think it is worthwhile because it will help you get rid of unwanted ads.

Block Youtube ads on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and want to block ads on your device, this option will work.

Block youtube ads on Iphone

  • Use an ad-free browser: Safari is the default web browser on the iPhone. However, you cannot block advertisements with it. These features are also available in several third-party browsers. You can try Brave Browser and DuckDuckGo if you want a browser that blocks ads by default.
  • Try Youtube Premium: Apple provides a lot of security. Sometimes third-party applications do not work on iPhones. So another option is to try YouTube Premium. But it needs some money.


All methods work with third-party apps. Only the native function of Premium membership is effective for blocking ads. Use third-party apps if you trust them, otherwise, try Youtube premium.


Does AdBlock work on the YouTube App?

No. YouTube’s official app does not allow blocking ads. You can disable ads by using an ad blocker on YouTube. If you want to block ads in the Youtube app, try Youtube premium.

Are there ad blockers for iPhones?

Yes. Many adblockers such as AdGuard are available which help you to block ads on iPhones.

How do I watch YouTube without ads?

If you are using a web browser, you can try an ad blocker such as AdGuard to block ads. But if you are an Apple user, you need to buy Youtube Premium because the official app has no option.

How much does it cost to watch YouTube without ads?

The Youtube premium family plan price increased from $17.99 to $22.99. You can use this account on six devices.

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