How to boost wifi Signals – 8 ways to increase wifi speed

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If you want to know How to boost wifi signals then this article is for you. Like oxygen and water, the Internet has become a necessity for life. Without water and oxygen, life has no value. In the same way, without the Internet, life is also boring and challenging.

But when the Internet is slow, nothing is more frustrating than this. Sometimes it makes people irritable.

The Internet is becomThe Internet is becoming a town square for the global village of tomorrow

Bill Gates

What about slow internet?

There is a famous saying that “Slow internet is worse compared to no internet.” So if your Wifi signals are slow then it caused trouble in your Internet activities.

If you are facing Wifi signals issue and searching for How to Boost Wifi Signals. Then you are in right place.

In this article, we will know about reasons why your Wifi speed is slow and how to fix wifi signals. 

Check your Internet Speed

There are a lot of reasons why your Internet speed is slow. But before moving towards these reasons. First of all, we should check the Internet speed.

Check your Internet speed to boost wifi signals

You can test your Internet speed by running Speed test meter apps or websites.

Most popular are these

These apps are for Android,iPhone, and Chrome web versions.

So first of all run these apps and they will show you the exact Internet speed. In this way, you will realize whether your Wifi speed is slow or not. 

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But it depends on your active Plan or package. If your bandwidth is 20mbps and you are expecting 40mbps then it’s not helpful. You need to upgrade your Wifi plan. 

If you notice that your Wifi speed is slow then below are the most common problems. You need to fix them.

Pro Tip: Most people are using a Wifi plan of 5mbps and searching for tricks of 20mbps. It's not possible. Because Internet providers fix your bandwidth. So don't waste your precious time. 

Move your Router to boost Wifi Signals

If you check your Internet speed and your connection speed is poor as expected. Then it may be possible that your router is not in right place. You need to reposition your router.

There are a lot of chances that if your router is hung on the Wall then behind the wall your wifi signals are slow. 

Things that interfere or block wifi signals

So try to reposition your router in the open place. If metal things are above your Wifi router then it also causes slow Internet speed.

If these things mentioned below are ahead of your Wifi router. Then these things greatly lessen or kill wifi signals.

  • Metal things such as metal blinds, Doors
  • Furniture
  • Buildings 
  • Walls of concrete
  • Masonry Blocks and Bricks
  • Thick Timber Walls

So keep your router away from these things. It’s a 99% chance that repositioning your router fix your problem.

Try Updating the Wifi Router firmware

If you repositioned your router and the problem is not fixed. Then this technique will help you. 

Update your router firmware to boost wifi signals jpg

Mobile phones need software updates. In the same way, your wifi router also needs updates. This update is a firmware update.

Most routers update their firmware automatically. But in some cases, you have to update firmware manually. You can check your firmware by login into the router setting. Using the IP address opens the control panel of the router. Here you will check the firmware. If the update is available. Update it as soon as possible. It will fix your problem.

Benefits of firmware update:

  1. Updating wifi router firmware fixes bugs
  2. It provides new options and improvements
  3. Better your Internet speed and user experience

If you want to know How to update router firmware then watch this Youtube video.

Choose the best frequency or Band:

Sometimes your wifi router is not connected to the required frequency or band. This will also cause trouble with Wifi signals. 

Choose best frequency or Band to boost wifi signals

So it is necessary to check the frequency or channels.

For Example, if your router is working on 2.4GHz frequency. This 2.4 GHz frequency is not a single frequency. There are a lot of bands there. 

Let’s simply understand this.

Take the highway as an example. If you are on the highway. On this highway, there are 5 lines. Then you have to choose the best line where traffic is low and your car moves faster. You can decide according to traffic. You will choose a line where traffic is less. 

In the same way, choosing the right frequency or band will help you to boost Wifi signals. To check the best frequency you can use the app Wifi Analyzer. It’s available both for iPhone and Android. 

Install this app and check your nearby wifi devices’ signals. 

If you are in the building and 50 networks are operating. This app helps you to check the frequency of these 50 networks on which they are working. You have to choose a frequency that has a small load and choose an empty band. 

Use an external Antena:

There are a lot of chances that you are facing an internet issue because of the Wifi antenna. Sometimes your built-in router antenna is not good. It provides you with poor wifi speed.

Choose best frequency or Band to boost wifi signals

If you need speed then your antenna should be good. In some routers, you cannot change the antenna. But in many routers, you can replace the antenna with the best external antenna. If you use a higher-range external antenna then your signal strength increases automatically.

Use Wifi Repeater

If your house is big then there are chances that your router will not be able to cover your full house. It causes weak wifi signals. So in this way using wifi repeater will help you a lot to take proper single coverage.

These routers are of two types. The first one is power bank repeaters. Another type of repeater is a Cable repeater. These work with internet cables. 

Recommended wifi extenders are

  • TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE450) 
  • Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2200 WiFi Range Extender (EX7300)
  • TP-Link AX1750 Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender (RE603X) 
  • Linksys RE7000 Max-Stream AC1900+ Wi-Fi Range Extender

Limit your Bandwidth if you use LED

If you use LED or smart TV with your wifi connection then you face issues. When smart tv is connected with your wifi you will see less speed on other connected devices.

The reason is that LED consume too much interent bandwidth.

For example, If your bandwidth is 10mbps and your LED is connected with internet. LED consume all the bandwidth which causes slow speed on other devices.

I am facing same problem some days ago. When i open my router settings and check bandwidth then i notice that whole speed goes to LED.


The sloution of this problem is simple. Open your router settings and in bandwidth section limit LED to half speed. For example if your connection speed is 10mbps then limit LED to 5mbps and let other speed to other device.

Get rid of Wifi Intruders

If the above settings will not help you. Then you have to check this setting. Sometimes our wifi has a weak password.

Get rid of wifi intruders to boost wifi signals

Now on mobile, there is a wifi scanning option. When your neighbor is connected then using this scanning option will share your wifi with others. So your friends or neighbors start downloading movies. This causes slow wifi speed.

So open your router setting. Then click on users. Check who is using your wifi. If you notice someone intruder then block it. Also, change your wifi password. 


If you try the above things. There are 100% chance that your Wifi signals problem is fixed. If this has not happened then upgrade your internet plan or change your internet service provider. 


My team has extracted a few frequently asked questions about this article. 

How can I boost my WiFi signal for free?

If your wifi router speed is poor and wants to boost wifi signals then use these tricks.
Reposition your router
Try Updating the Wifi Router firmware
Choose the best frequency or Band
Use an external Antena
Use Wifi Repeater
Get rid of Wi-Fi intruders

How can I increase my WiFi signal strength?

If your wifi signal strength is low and wants to increase then follow these steps.
Reposition your router. It helps you to increase your signals
Try Updating the Wifi Router firmware. It fixes your problem.
Choose the best frequency or Band
Use an external Antena
Use Wifi Repeater
Get rid of Wi-Fi intruders
Achieve optimal router placement
Change your frequency 

What causes poor WiFi signal?

There are a lot of reasons but the most common reasons are
Worms and other malware 
Your Internet plan is not good
Many users are connected to your router
Internet Service Provider system errors
To much load

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