Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Better Browsing Experience in 2023

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Extensions are the backbone of the Chrome browser. Extensions are very important to work smart and get the most out of Chrome. Today we will go over some of the best extensions on Chrome.

Just like most things on mobile are done with the help of apps, Chrome has its web store where you can download extensions for PC. Many other browsers like Opera and Firefox also have their extensions but today we will talk about Chrome extensions.

Best extensions on Chrome

Here are some best extensions for Chrome browsers that make your browsing easy.

1. Post Light Reader

If you love reading blogs and articles, this extension is a must-have for you. It can be very good for people who like to read blogs etc. on the internet.

NamePost Light Reader
Active Users1,000,000+ users

When you activate this extension and read the article, it removes all the clutter. This makes your reading experience even better. Most blogs earn money by writing articles. So they put ads and clickbait stuff in their articles. It affects your reading experience. But if you have installed this extension then you will avoid all these problems.

Post Light Reader Extension

There are many other ad blockers available to block ads etc. but they slow down your page loading speed. But this extension is very smooth and small in size, it will not affect your reading experience and will make you easy to read.

2. Insta Paper

This extension is also very popular and very useful. If you want to save any web page offline and read it later that too on any device, then this extension can be very useful for you.

Active Users200,000+ users

Compared to other extensions, it gives you a better reading experience and doesn’t cause you any kind of hassle. After installing this extension you need to login to it. You can save any web page with one click. And can access this page on any device.

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The main advantage of this extension is that as soon as you save a web page, it removes the pictures and other heavy data and only saves the content that you have on the web pages without any problem. Articles can be read.


This app is also very awesome. Once you install it, you get used to it and it makes many of your tasks easier.

Active Users100,000+ users

Sometimes we open our laptop or PC but we are bored and don’t feel like working or our mind is very disturbed. So if you are also not in the mood to work and you have installed this extension then it gives you some sounds which give you psychological productivity and keeps you motivated to work.

These noises have a lot to do with psychology which refreshes your mind and makes you want to work. This app can be very beneficial for you.

4. Print Friendly & PDF

This extension is very important for saving any file as PDF. When we start saving a web page, we press control plus p, then save the file as save a PDF. But so does all the ads and pictures etc or additional content that is on that web page. But these extensions will solve your problem.

NamePrint Friendly & PDF
Active Users1,000,000+ users

You can use this extension if you want to create a good PDF of a web page without any redundant content like add-ins. When you want to save any web page with the help of this extension, you click on it. 

It will start reading all the text on that web page. Even after that, if there is something you don’t want in the PDF, you can delete it. And thus with the help of this extension, a good PDF will come out.

5. Super Dark Mode

The use of the dark mode is increasing nowadays. Every app or website has this option. This extension can help you a lot if you work on the internet for a long time due to which the brightness of the screen starts to sting your eyes.

NameSuper Dark Mode
Active Users400,000+ users

With the help of this extension, you can view any web page in dark mode. Even if a website doesn’t have a dark mode, you can still view that webpage darkly with the help of this extension. This extension is very easy to use. You can darken and read the look of any web page with one click. This extension is very small in size and works very well compared to other extensions.

6. Read Me Text to Speech Reader

This extension is perfect for listening to any text in audio. If you don’t speak a language, you can understand the text in a language you know. It has all the languages ​​of the world that you can benefit from.

text to speech extension
NameRead Me Text to Speech Reader
Active Users300,000+ users

This extension is very easy to use. After installing it you have to activate it. Select the web page you want to listen to in your language in the extension’s settings. Select the text you want to hear with the mouse and then right-click. This extension will get you the button. You can read this text.

7. Sound Boost

Sometimes we need to increase the volume of any video or audio. If a song has a low volume and needs to be heard at a high volume, this extension is perfect for those tasks. With its help, you can boost any sound.

NameSound Boost- Volume Booster for Chrome
Active Users5,000,000+ users

This extension can boost any sound to a good level without compromising quality. It allows you to amplify any sound from 100 to 600%. The advantage of this is that it does not let the sound quality deteriorate and you can amplify the sound in a good way.

8. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

If you want to take a screenshot of a web page, the rest of the extensions take a screenshot of what’s on the screen. But with the help of this extension, you can take a screenshot of an entire web page with one click. You can also capture any selected area by selecting it. Also, you can record the screen.

NameAwesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder
Active Users3,000,000+ users

This extension must be installed by you. And open any web page you want to take a screenshot. Go to this extension and click on the entire screen. This extension will then automatically take a screenshot of your entire webpage. And if you want to record a script, they can do it too.

9. Temp Mail – Disposable Temporary Email

If you use the Internet, there are many websites that you have to log in to access. If you start putting your email on all of them, it may affect your privacy. So to avoid all the pitfalls you can use temp mail. It gives you a temporary email that you can use to log in to a website.

NameTemp Mail – Disposable Temporary Email
Active Users100,000+ users
Size390 KiB

With this, you can create and use an auto-generated email. For example, there is a website called With this, you can remove the background of any picture. This website also requires you to log in. If you put your personal email, it will become a problem. For websites like this, you can use Tempmail.

10. Word Tune

Grammar is not taken care of while speaking English. But when it comes to writing English, one has to look at grammar. If your English is not good and there are many grammar mistakes. Don’t worry, you can write English with the help of Word Tune. This extension will tell you any grammatical mistakes you write and you can fix them.

NameWord Tune – AI-Powered Writing Companion
Active Users2,000,000+ users

If someone works in an office, he has to write letters and do many other things. If your English is not good, you may have a lot of problems. So Word Tune will solve all your problems and you will be able to write good English.


Chrome extensions have made many tasks easier. All the extensions mentioned above are very useful. This will solve many of your problems. Extinction is very necessary to use Chrome. These 10 can help you use Chrome in a better way.


Here are some frequently asked questions about this article.

What is the most useful extension for Chrome?

Wordtune, Temp Mail, Sound Boost, and Read Me text-to-speech reader is the most useful extensions for Chrome.

What are extensions in Chrome?

Chrome extensions are just like Google Apps. With these extensions, you can do smart work using Chrome Browser. These extensions are also called Ads-on.

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