How to record a phone call on iPhone- Record Incoming calls 

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There are many reasons why people want to record their phone calls. You may want to record phone calls on your iPhone for a variety of reasons. You may be doing an interview with a famous person for a podcast and want to record his every word. Maybe you are working in a call center and need to record every call.

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It may be possible to try to blackmail you and you want to record his voice for legal action against him. It may be possible that you are conducting a business meeting or keeping a record of important personal conversations. There are a bunch of reasons depending on their interest.


Before recording a phone call there are some things that you should keep in mind. it’s important to know that it is legal in your state. Depending on the state you live in, you may only need the consent of one party to the conversation in order to record it. Other states require the of all parties. In order to avoid any legal trouble, it’s best to check your state’s laws and obtain consent before recording a conversation.

Record a phone call on an iPhone speaker:

No matter the reason, recording a phone conversation on your iPhone is easy to do, and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how: In iPhones, there is already a built-in Voice Memos Application. If you cannot find this application then you can simply search for it on the Apple store and download it. First, open the Voice Memos app.

Record a phone call on an iPhone speaker using Voice Memos jpg

You can find it on your iPhone’s home screen. Second, make sure that both you and the person you’re speaking to are okay with being recorded. Then open the app and you will see the red button click on it and your recording starts but before recording, you can test your voice by doing some random tests to ensure the quality.

Other Methods:

If you trust third-party apps then here are the best apps which help you to record incoming calls easily.

Rev Voice Recorder:

Rev Voice Recorder is one of the best call recorders for iPhones. This recording app is free to use. You cannot only record your important voices but also trim, edit, and share your recordings. In this app, few options are paid.

Rev Free Voice Recorder for Iphone jpg

If you are a businessman and want to record your important calls then you should try its premium features because it is very helpful to you and provide the best features as compared to its free version.

Otter App:

Otter app is one of the best incoming call recording apps for iPhone. This app is best known for its transcription services. This app is a little slow because it takes too much time to process the audio before it’s available for you to listen to.

Record calls using Otter app on iPhone

Temi-Recorder and Transcriber:

Temi is built with the world’s most accurate speech recognition engine. Its the best app for recording calls on iPhone. Some benefits of this app is this app has no advertisement and has the option of unlimited recordings.

Temi-Recorder and Transcriber for iPhone

This application provides you with High-quality recordings and playbacks. Temi has an option of automatic pausing for incoming calls and automatic recording recovery when you accidentally close the Temi application. You can share your recordings on every platform without any restrictions.

There is also the option of importing audio from other sources

Call Recorder for Me:

Call Recording for me is also a popular call-recording app for iPhone users. In this app, you can easily record outgoing and incoming calls. You can access your recordings as soon as the conversation ends.

Call Recorder for Me for iPhone

It is easy to share your recordings with others on almost every social platform.

You can export your recordings to your iPhone. You can store unlimited numbers of call recordings.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there any app to record phone calls on iPhone?

The answer is yes. There are a lot of applications available on the apple store including paid and free apps. Their apps allow you to record incoming and outgoing calls easily. For example, Rev Call recording and Temi recorder are the best apps for recording calls

Does Apple have an app to record phone calls?

No there is no official app from apple to record phone calls on iPhones. Because apple protects the privacy of its users. However, a lot of third-party apps are available on the apple store which allow you to record incoming and outgoing calls easily.

Does the screen recorder on my iPhone record my call?

No, you cannot record call audio with a screen recorder because apple does not allow its users to record system audio with a screen recorder. It’s blocked by Apple and Google. If you try this option when you are on the call, someone tries a screen recorder but when you listen to it after the call ends you will that only the video is played without its audio. So it’s not possible to record phone calls using a screen recorder. 

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