10 Tips to Increase Typing Speed Instantly in 2023

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Do you also have a slow typing speed? Or maybe you’re about to take a test for a job and are worried about how to type faster. So no need to worry. In this article, we will give you some tips which you can follow to increase typing speed.

Typing speed is very important in any job in the computer field. Most of the jobs are related to data entry and involve a lot of office work. So every government or private organization demands maximum typing speed. 

Some people keep typing for months but still, their typing speed does not increase. So we will know what mistakes people make. And what tips can be followed to increase typing speed?

If you follow the typing tips mentioned in this article. So no one can stop you from taking the job. Your typing speed will be many times higher than before.

Tips to increase typing speed

By following the tips given below you can take your typing speed to a good level. In no time your speed will be fast. 

By applying these tips, I went from 10 words per minute to 45 words per minute within a few days. So these tips are not rubbish but my personal experience.

I have been doing my practice on Typing Master. The screenshot of which has been attached. With this, you can confirm my typing speed. 


So let’s discuss these tips in detail.

Choose the best keyboard

Choosing the best keyboard guarantees good typing speed. The keyboard is your weapon. 

For example, if you are a soldier and go to war. The enemy has the best quality advanced technology weapons. On the contrary, you should have an old weapon. Just think you can win the war. The answer is never.

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So typing speed requires a good keyboard. There are two types of keyboards.

  1. Membrane Keyboards
  2. Mechanical Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are cheap and a little difficult to type on, but they are mostly used in offices. On the contrary, mechanical keyboards are advanced, their price is also high and so are the features.

Following are some tips that you can follow to choose the best keyboard.

  • Consider the type of switches
  • Look for a comfortable layout
  • Ergonomics
  • Brand and price
  • Noise level

As you use the keyboard, your hand adjusts to it. So it is better to get a good keyboard from scratch and start your practice on it.

Understand finger positions on keys

Correct finger position is very important in typing. Your fingers should be on the home row. Each keyboard has an embossed F button and a J button. This requires that the fingers of your left-hand end on F and the fingers of your right-hand end on J.


If you place the analogs on the keyboard correctly. This makes it easy for everyone to get their hands on it. In the screenshot below you can see how to place the fingers. 


If you want to learn which finger to press which keyboard key. So there are many offline and online software and websites in the market for this. Some of them are as follows. From them, you can learn by practicing. How can the relevant key be pressed with a slanted finger?

  • Typing Master (For Offline Use)
  • Keybr (Website for Online Use)

Type these texts before starting practice

Typing speed increases with regular practice. When you don’t adjust the typing speed consistently. This may make it difficult for you to use the keyboard. 

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So before you start typing, type the words below 20 times in order. These are letters in which all the words are practiced once. When you have typed them 20 times. After that, if you start typing a paragraph, it will be easier for you to type.


It had been observed in research 

  • Confusion in keys like ‘i’ and ‘e’.
  • Also in ‘m’ and ‘n’. & ‘x’ and ‘c’.

These will decrease your typing speed.

So write it 20 times to avoid these kinds of silly mistakes.

Focus on Accuracy rather than on Speed

Typing speed has a lot to do with accuracy while typing. So if you increase the accuracy, the typing speed increases automatically. 

Many people do not focus on accuracy but on typing speed. To increase the typing speed one has to write faster. During this time many words are misspelled. These wrong words are counted in gross typing speed but not counted in net speed.

For example, you wrote 75 words in a minute and you had 40 words per minute to pass the net speed test. If your 35 words are wrong out of these 75 words then these words will not be counted in net speed. Conversely, if you calmly write 40 words in a minute with accuracy, they will count as forty. So it is better to increase accuracy smartly rather than typing more.

Try to Focus on letters rather than words

Focusing on letters rather than words is very important to increase typing speed. Let us understand this with an example.

For example, you are typing a word keyboard. Don’t think of it as a single word, but think of it as a group of letters. Understand this as K…E…Y…B…O…A…R…D

Treating it as a group of letters will increase your accuracy. And the chances of misspelling the word will be very less. For this, keep the word you are writing in front of your eyes and your mind.

Type with patience

No work is completed in a day. If you are preparing for an exam or want to convert a shop into a company, it is not possible in a day. Similarly, typing speed does not increase in a day. 

It requires hard work, patience, and practice every day. Many people do 5-minute or 10-minute paragraphs. Typing for so long seems very boring at first. When they are, they try to finish quickly, which affects their speed. 

Take as much time as you have patience. It is completely wrong to think that you will get the required speed in one day.

Practice Each Key First

Many new people want to do typing. They start typing from day one with a completely wrong paragraph. First, you have to practice every key. 

This will let you know the keyboard keys and which letter is in which place. Almost all typing software has this option. Each software has separate lessons for practicing the keys. 

If you find it difficult to find, put it in a practice lesson and practice it over and over again. When you have complete control over everyone then move on to the paragraph.

Practice on custom Paragraphs


When you practice all the keys well. After that start practicing on paragraphs. Many people make the mistake of practicing the paragraphs in any typing software. This is very wrong. 

This can make it difficult to increase your typing speed. You should add custom paragraphs in the Typing software. Every typing software has the option to add custom paragraphs. You can practice by picking up any news website or any article. 

If you find it difficult to write a letter. So you can write custom paragraphs for yourself. Repeat the words in this paragraph that you find difficult to write.

Sit in a comfortable place

Being calm is very important to complete any task with concentration. And typing is a task where your hands get tired in the beginning. 

Typing becomes a problem if you are not sitting in a comfortable place. The best place for typing is the computer desk. The keyboard can be placed properly on it. And typing is also very easy. 

If you do not have a table, then S should choose a place where the hands will not get tired. If your hands tire quickly, you may have trouble typing.

Never Stop Practice

Many jobs require constant work to maintain. Just like if you take up running and stop for a week, your speed slows down. 

Similarly, if you stop typing, the speed slows down. If you keep typing every day, your speed will increase. 

Typing is an art. You can’t get good speed in one day. So never stop practicing. If you don’t have much time, do two minutes of typing every day.


All the tips mentioned above are my personal experience. Because I have increased typing from 10 words per minute to 40 words per minute by following these tips in a few days.

 If you follow these tips I can say with 100% certainty that you will achieve your typing target. Typing improves with practice. The more you practice, the more your speed will improve.


Following are some frequently asked questions. Also if you have any other query you can contact me. I am available 24/7 to help you.

How can I increase my typing speed to 40 wpm?

It is very difficult to increase typing speed in one day. But if you do type for an hour or two every day with hard work and dedication, your speed will increase. For this, you should practice on new paragraphs. Sit in a place where your hands can easily reach the keyboard. And practice keyboard keys first then shift to paragraph.

How fast is 40 wpm typing?

Here wpm stands for Words per Minute. It means words you write in 1 minute are taken at a speed of 40wpm.

What is a professional typing speed?

Almost all jobs require a speed of 30wpm to 40 wpm. And this is net speed. But professional typing speed is considered above 60 wpm.

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