How much YouTube pay for 1000 views in 2023

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YouTube has become a source of income as well as entertainment. Thousands of content creators are earning millions of dollars per month from YouTube. Many new YouTubers when they join YouTube have a question in their mind how much YouTube pay for 1000 views? In today’s article, we will answer all such questions in detail.

Every new entrant to YouTube focuses more on money than content. All the time he thinks about how to earn money from YouTube. And when and how YouTube will pay him. As the world is moving towards online earning, the competition on YouTube is also increasing. An estimated 3.7 million videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. From this, you can estimate the popularity of YouTube.

This article answers many frequently asked questions about YouTube. You can jump to the question you want to know with the help of the table of contents below.

Let’s get started in depth.

Youtube Payment Algoratium

YouTube pays its creators based on CPM and CPC. So know them۔


CPM: CPM stands for Cost per Mile. Here mile stands for 1000 views. CPM stands for cost per 1000 impressions. In the Youtube algorithm, CPM is 1000 views, not 1000 impressions. So an advertising rate quoted in CPM is a rate for 1,000 views (of greater than 30 seconds) of an advertising video.

CPC: CPC stands for Cost per Click. In addition to video ads on YouTube, banner ads are displayed around the video or on the desktop. YouTube pays on a CPC basis for these ads.

How much Youtube pay for 1000 views

On average YouTube pays $0.18 per view. But many people are using Adblocker or are in tier 3 countries. For this reason, it is cut down to an average of $0.05 to $0.10. If there are no ad blockers and the views come from Tier 1 countries, the ads become $1 per view. What factors affect YouTube’s earnings are detailed in the points below.

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If the average is $0.18, you get $180 per 1,000 views. But if there are earnings cuts due to adblockers, the rest averages between $50 to $100 per 1000 views.

Factors that affect Youtube earnings

In the above point, we have discussed average income. But there is no fixed rate on YouTube. Many factors affect this. Which is as follows.

  1. Ad blockers: Many people use ad blockers these days. This does not show ads in videos. When videos don’t show ads, you won’t get paid. The main reason for the low income of YouTubers is the use of ad blockers.
  2. CPM: YouTuber’s income also depends on the cost of ads. This means that the advertiser decides how much he will pay when an ad shows.
  3. Country: YouTube’s revenue is greatly influenced by country. Depending on the CPC of the countries it is divided into Tier 1, 2, and 3. Countries in Tier 1 have the highest CPC and those in Tier 2 have the lowest. For example, the highest CPC is in Germany. Here you can earn $50 or more for 1000 views.
  4. Niche: YouTube’s earnings depend on niche i.e. category. In the category in which there are more advertisers, the CPC will also be higher. For example, there are a lot of ads in gaming and tech. In contrast, advertisements in the category of vlogging and pranks are very rare.
  5. Content: As the famous phrase goes, content is king. Similarly, your income also depends on your content. If your content is going to attract readers. So people will watch your videos for a long time, this will show your video ads two to three times and your income will also increase. But if you guys skip your video before 10 seconds then only one ad will show and earnings will be less.

Youtube money calculator

YouTube shows ads with the help of Google AdSense and also gives money with its help of it. Adsense has created an official metric to calculate YouTube revenue

Where you can calculate your income monthly and annually by selecting your region and category. With the help of this tool, you can also count your website earnings. Remember that the AdSense Revenue Calculator gives you an estimate. Real income also falls around it.

Youtube Income in Different Niches

As we have discussed above point that many factors affect YouTube earnings. Including Country, CPC, Nich, etc. Niche or category has a huge impact on YouTube earnings. 

For example, if a shopkeeper sells winter clothes but the weather is summer. On the other hand, if another shopkeeper is selling summer clothes, then people will like to buy summer clothes and the income of this shopkeeper will also increase because the trend is to buy summer clothes and it is also a need. 

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Similarly, YouTube’s earnings also depend on the niche. Gaming and tech have more advertisers so they get good CPC. While vlogging and other smaller categories have very few advertisers. So choose a niche that gets good CPC.

Vlogging Channel Income

Vlogging channel gets a lot of views because many famous YouTubers have started vlogging channel along with their main channel. But it has very less income from YouTube. 

The screenshot below is of a streaming channel where you can see how much income is generated on how many views. 


In the screenshot of this vlogging channel, you can see how much money this channel has earned on how many views.

 This is the last 7 days’ stat. This channel has got 172.4K views. The watch time of 6.4 hours has been found and the earning has been $26.40. 

But its earnings may be different in another country because YouTube earnings depend on many factors one of which is CPC.

Gaming Channel Income

The number of advertisements in gaming categories is high. Therefore, earnings and CPC are also very high in gaming. The screenshot below is a 90 days stat from a gaming channel. As you can imagine. 


In the screenshot, you can see that this gaming channel has got 257.2K views in the last 90 days. These views generated 18.3 hours of watch time and $1328.22 in revenue.

Tech News Channel Income

People are also making lots of dollars by creating tech news YouTube channels. This category gets a lot of advertisers and good CPC. You can see this in the screenshot below. 


In this screenshot, you can see that this channel has received 411.5K views in the last 28 days. These views have a watch time of 28.6K and earnings of $1432.98. Which makes it clear that there are a lot of advertisers in this category. If it had traffic from Tier 1 countries, the revenue could have been five times that.

Spirituality Topic Youtube Channel Income

Each category gets a separate CPC. It depends on the number of advertisers and how much they bid. The screenshot below is of a channel whose category is Spirituality. From this, you can see Earnings and Views how much money YouTube pays per thousand views and million views. 


In the screenshot of this channel, you can see that this channel has received 190.2K views in the last 28 days. 6.7 hours of watch time and $666.43 earned on these views. That is a good amount.

2D Animation Stories Channel Income

Animation channels are growing a lot these days. In this, people are making various cartoons with the help of computers and are earning a lot of money. The screenshot below is from a 2D animation Stories channel. In which you can see his income. 


This status is for the last 28 days of this channel. This channel has got 4.8M views. And on these views, this channel has got a watch time of 560.0K. $18213.20 was earned on these views which is very high.


After looking at the above facts and figures, it is clear that YouTube does not pay a fixed rate. YouTube’s earnings are based on CPC, advertiser’s bid, country, and niche. The category with more advertisements has more money and the category with fewer advertisements has less income.


Now let’s talk about frequently asked questions about this article.

How much YouTube pays for 1 million views?

The amount of money YouTube pays for 1 million views depends on many factors such as the type of content, the audience, the location of the viewers, the level of engagement, and the ad format. But according to a rough estimate, creators earn an average of $5,000 per million views. This income can be higher.

How to monetize a Youtube channel?

A YouTube channel can be monetized، if certain parameters are met, including 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers. After that, you can apply for monetization.

How much YouTube pays for 1 view in Pakistan?

YouTube Earning depends on Ads. If your channel is monetized and the ad is shown to the person who is watching it, then you will get money based on CPC. Which can be as low as $0.5.

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