How to Record WhatsApp Calls Easily in 2023

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WhatsApp has become the most used messaging app in the world. Millions of people use it. But there is no call recording option on it. If you want to record calls on it, then you can go through this article on how to record WhatsApp calls. 

WhatsApp is a very secure messaging app. It provides users with end-to-end encryption. This means that no third party between the sender and receiver of the message can read the message. 

So keeping in mind its privacy there is no option to record the call. So third-party apps have to be used to record calls. The details of these are given below.

Note: This app is a third-party. So it takes some permissions of your mobile to work. Because they have to record WhatsApp calls. If you are serious about your privacy, do not use these apps. Because it is not official from WhatsApp.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls


Recording calls on WhatsApp is very easy. There is no official WhatsApp option. So you can do this by using many third-party apps.

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Whatsapp call recorder

There are thousands of apps on the Play Store that provide the facility to record WhatsApp calls. Some of the best apps I have shortlisted after testing them. These are as follows.

  1. App Call Recorder
  2. Call Recorder Cube ACR

App Call Recorder

This app is best for recording WhatsApp calls. This app is free and you can download it from the play store for free.

App NameApp Call Recorder
Download Size19MB
AvailabilityAvailable on Playstore

How to use and setup All Call Recorder

  1. Download this app from Playstore and open it
  2. Then Allow all privacy and other permissions
  3. Then allow all permissions on the mobile Accessibility tab
  4. In the App setting, you can change settings according to your use.
  5. After that when you call someone on Whatsapp automatically 

Features of App Call Recorder

1 million plus downloads on Play Store shows the popularity of this app. This app has many advanced features, some of which are as follows.

  • This app supports almost all mobile devices.
  • If you have done the settings of this app then it starts recording automatically whenever you receive a call.
  • All calls are recorded in very superior quality. Which can be easily heard. And the noise comes very rarely.
  • The interface of this app is very simple. And can be easily used.

Call Recorder Cube ACR

Call Recorder Cube ACR is also an excellent call-recording app. With this app, you can easily record WhatsApp calls. With its help, you can record incoming and outgoing calls. 

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This app is very easy to use. And this app provides good recording quality. Many apps allow recording. But the voice of the other servant is very low and loud. But the audio quality of this app is very good.

App NameCall Recorder Cube ACR
AvailabilityAvailable on Playstore

How to use and setup All Call Recorder Cube ACR

  1. First Download and install this application from Google Playstore
  2. After that open the app and see all the slides and instructions.
  3. After that, it asked for some necessary permissions and granted all permissions to this app.
  4. Then enable the Cube ACR connector.
  5. When all the settings are done, this app will start recording all the calls.
  6. You can go to this app to listen to the recording of the call you want to listen to.
  7. This app is free but there is also a premium. You can buy it if you want to use it but the free one has good features too.

Features of App Call Recorder Cube ACR

  • This app has 10M+ downloads which shows its popularity of this app.
  • Cube ACR Call Recorder app provides high sound quality. This makes all recordings with low noise and clear sound.
  • This app has a dark theme option.
  • This app works for all mobile models.


There are many WhatsApp call recording apps available on Play Store. But very few of them work. But I have tested these two apps myself. These apps work and with these apps, you can record in good audio quality.


Here are some frequently asked questions about this article.

Can we record a WhatsApp call?

Yes, there are many apps on Play Store which record WhatsApp calls. Among them, Cube ACR is at the top.

How can I record WhatsApp calls secretly?

You can use third-party apps to record WhatsApp calls secretly. Play Store has many apps that provide this feature.

How do I know if my WhatsApp call is being recorded? 

There is no call recording option in WhatsApp. So third-party apps have to be used to record calls. So you won’t know if someone is recording your calls. One can also record callers using a screen record.

How do I automatically record phone calls?

You can download the application from Play Store to automatically record phone callers. You can record callers by setting them to automatic. It will start recording as soon as someone calls you. 

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