How to monetize facebook page in 2023

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The trend of online earning is increasing a lot. Earlier people used to earn from blogging and YouTube but now Facebook has also started monetization in many countries. But how to make money from Facebook and how to monetize Facebook page today we will know about it altogether.

Facebook launched its monetization program some time ago, which is not yet available in many countries. You can check whether Facebook monetization is available in your country by visiting the official website blog. We will discuss in detail how to earn money from Facebook.

Facebook vs YouTube monetization

Almost Facebook monetization also works like YouTube but it has some criteria which we will know. In Table

The minimum Threshold on YouTube is $100Facebook offers in-stream ads, fan subscriptions, reel monetization, and branded content.
Facebook: 10,000 followers or 60,000 1-minute views in the last 60 days.Youtube:1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months
55% for the creator, 45% for Facebook55% for the creator, 45% for YouTube
The minimum Threshold in Facebook is $100The minimum Threshold on Youtube is $100

Ways Facebook Offers for Earning

Ways Facebook offers for Earning

Facebook is a free online platform so everyone uses it. Facebook’s source of income is advertising and some of that share Facebook gives to its creators. Following are some ad display formats that you can use to earn money from Facebook.

  • In-stream ads: As the name suggests, instream means something in video streaming. So when you are watching a video on Facebook the ads that come are called instream ads. You can earn money by installing these ads on the page.
  • Branded Content: When a page is becoming more popular, many brands want to be featured on that page. Facebook gives creators the option to collaborate with brands to generate revenue.
  • Fans Subscription: Facebook has come up with this new way of earning. In this, your fans or followers give you stars which you can exchange for dollars.

Best Way to Earning from Facebook

Well, you can earn through all the methods mentioned above. But Instream Ads is the best option among them all. Facebook reviews your page when your criteria are met. 

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Then add ads to your videos through which you can earn money. This is the best source to earn money from the Facebook page. Facebook keeps 45% of what you earn from these ads and gives the remaining 55% to its creators. Your earning depends on CPC and views.

Facebook Monetization Eligibility

You can’t start earning by creating a page on Facebook in one day. Like YouTube, there are some requirements to monetize a page on Facebook which if you fulfill then you can earn. These are

  • Accept Facebook Community guidelines and follow them.
  • Your Facebook Page (Not Profile) has 10,000 minimum followers. Keep in mind that followers are active and real.
  • You need 600,000 total eligible minutes of watch time in the last 60 days.
  • Maintain at least 5 active videos on the Facebook page
  • our age must be at least 18 years.
  • Live in instream ads available country.

To check your page eligibility criteria visit this link.

How to withdraw from Facebook


There is no rocket science to withdrawing money from Facebook. Like YouTube, Facebook also pays you $100 per completion. 

You can withdraw money from Facebook if your account has reached $100. Facebook pays on the 21st of every month. If you have completed $100 by that date, you will receive an automatic payment.

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From the country that is officially supported by Facebook, you can take the payment in the local bank. In countries where Facebook monetization is not officially available, you can use Wise. Like PayPal, Wise is an online banking system where you can make payments and withdraw money at your local bank with very low charges.

How to monetize Facebook page

If you want to monetize your Facebook page then follow some instructions below.

 Step 1: First of all, create your page and set it up properly.

 Step 2: After setting up the page, upload your original content to it. Many people uploading copyrighted content do not turn on Facebook monetization. Having original content is very important to earn money from Facebook.

 Step 3: Many people try to get views in fake ways which is wrong and you cannot be successful on Facebook.

 Step 4 For monetization on Facebook, you need 10,000 active followers and 60,000 views that watch your video for one minute. If someone skips your video after watching 10 seconds, they will not be counted.

 Step 5 After this is completed country eligibility is very important. Facebook does not monetize globally. If your country is eligible then it will show that it is supported in your country otherwise it will show a red mark.

 If any of your friends live in a foreign country where Facebook monetization is available, you can make their country eligible by making them an admin. Apart from this, you can get monetization in foreign countries by getting your online company registered and having an address there.

Step 6: After you fulfill all the requirements you can apply for Facebook monetization. The Facebook team reviews your page manually and then monetizes your page. And you can earn.

Step 7: Once you start earning, you can add your bank account to the Facebook Earnings section. Money will be automatically credited to your account on the 21st of every month.


Facebook’s monetization policy is also similar to YouTube’s. If you upload original content, your page gets monetized and you can earn from Facebook. But the condition is that you fulfill all the terms and conditions that are required by Facebook.


Here are some frequently asked questions about this article.

How much does Facebook pay for 1,000 views?  

Facebook pays creators on a CPM basis. But if we take the example of the USA, their CPM is between $2 to $6. This means that if your video gets 1000 views, I will get paid between $2 and $6.   

Is Pakistan eligible for Facebook reel monetization?  

Facebook Stars Monetization is available in Pakistan. If you see, the stars option is coming on the reels. But till now in-stream ads are not available in Pakistan.  

How can I monetize my FB page from Pakistan?  

If your Facebook Page meets the monetization criteria. So you can earn money from Facebook. If you want to monetize the page in Pakistan, you need to create an admin in a foreign country where Facebook Ads are available.

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