How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp in 2023

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Sometimes we see WhatsApp late so many messages are deleted for everyone. But we have this curiosity that how to see the messages that have been deleted. So there is no need to worry. In this article, we will find out how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp easily.

WhatsApp is a secure platform. So there is no official way to read deleted messages. But with the help of some tricks and third-party apps, you can view these messages. 

Whatsapp mods like GB Whatsapp, and FM Whatsapp have this option but official WhatsApp doesn’t have this option. So let’s know how we can read WhatsApp deleted messages.

How to read deleted messages on Whatsapp

Read Deleted messages on Whatsapp

Here are some methods which will help you to read deleted messages on Whatsapp.

Method 1

This is the best way to read WhatsApp Delete for Everyone messages. It does not require any third-party app. You can easily do this by turning on a small setting on your mobile۔

Method 1

  • First of all, go to mobile settings.
  • Then go to notifications.
  • In the Notification, section click on Advanced Settings.
  • In Advanced Settings click on the Notification History option.
  • If the notification history is off then tapped On it.
  • When you turn this setting on. After that, delete it for everyone whenever someone sends you a message. So to see this message you can go to the notification history.

Method 2

Method 2

  • In this method, you will need a third-party app. By installing this app you can read and delete every message.
  • There are many applications on the play store, which provide this service.
  • Go to Play Store and Install the WhatsDelete app.
  • Open this application and accept all terms and conditions.
  • Provide all required permissions to this application.
  • Then this app starts running.
  • When someone deletes any message or image it will automatically add to this application.
  • You can recover this from this application.
  • WhatsDelete also downloads all statuses and also deleted statuses.

Method 3

Method No 3

If the above methods don’t work. So you can try the third method. But it can also affect your care. So use it with caution.

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  • You will need to install GB Whatsapp or FM Whatsapp.
  • These are mods of the original Whatsapp with extra features.
  • These mods are unavailable on Playsotre you can download them from their official websites.
  • These are the same as the original Whatsapp with additional features.
  • Log in on this app using your Whatsapp number.
  • Use these applications just like the original Whatsapp.
  • When someone deletes messages, it will show you automatically.


Reading deleted WhatsApp messages is very easy. All three methods mentioned above work 100%. But among them, method 1 is the easiest. You don’t need any third-party app in it. And with this, you can easily read any deleted message.


Here are some frequently asked questions about this article.

How to see deleted messages?

Many third-party apps allow you to read deleted messages. But if you turn on the notification history in the settings of the mobile, you can read all the deleted messages.

Can deleted WhatsApp chats still be read?

Yes, you can still read deleted messages. Along with WhatsApp, there are many third-party apps available on Play Store that provide this service. But official WhatsApp does not have this feature.

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