How to increase Youtube Subscribers- 10 Proven Strategies

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YouTube has become a great source of income along with providing entertainment. Many YouTubers are earning millions of dollars every month. But this is possible when your channel gets views. And subscribers are required for views. In this article, we will know how to increase YouTube subscribers.

Subscribers play a massive role in YouTube’s earnings. When you upload a new video, your video automatically reaches your subscribers. Increasing subscribers is a challenging task for a new YouTuber. Any further work that is started takes time to succeed.

If you have more subscribers, your YouTube income can also be higher. To sponsor something on a channel, a company first looks at subscribers. Companies choose channels that have millions of subscribers.

In today’s article, we will talk about tips that can help you grow your YouTube subscribers organically.

Do not use sub 4 subs


New YouTubers use the Sub 4 Sub technique. This means if you subscribe to my YouTube channel I will subscribe to yours. It’s from organic sources that YouTube likes don’t. Many people join sub 4 sub WhatsApp groups from where they collect subscribers. But after a few days, it starts disappearing. So follow the arguing tips and avoid such fake platforms.

How to increase Youtube Subscribers

Let’s see some tips that if you follow, you can organically increase your YouTube subscribers.

Create Search String

The search string is one of the best options to get subscribers on YouTube. If you don’t know what a search string is. So this is a kind of link that you can create for your channel and share with people. By making this you will understand as shown below.

Search String

Here’s how the search string is created, as you can see in the screenshot above. You have to create the same URL but where my channel name is Saqib Tech PK is written replace it and write your channel name. You can also copy and paste the string below and replace it with your channel name.

Once your search string is active, you can share your search string with people. The search string is a link to your channel. 

Its advantage over a normal link is that whenever someone opens your link, they get the option to subscribe. He can’t see your channel until he subscribes to it. If someone is opening your link, it means they are interested in your channel. 

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This will make him subscribe to your channel. This is a free subscriber growth tool.

Announce Giveaways on Youtube Channel

If your channel is new then give away option can be very useful for you. You should announce various giveaways on the new channel. For this, you can take the help of any website where you can do giveaways. 

To participate in the Giveaway, it is a condition to subscribe to the channel and like the video. This gives you more chances to increase your subscribers. Giveaways you can keep within your budget. If you have a beauty channel, you can give creams, etc. If you have a tech channel, you can give away headphones or mics, etc. Many people join Giveaways. If five hundred is also included, it means that you have got five hundred subscribers.

Mention Comments in Videos

You may have seen many channels pick some of their comments and show them in the next video. When you see your subscribers’ comments on a video, it builds love and trust between you and your subscribers. 

You can also tell people to like and comment on the video and I will show your comments in the next video. This will make more people comment on your videos which will increase your engagement.

Start Collaboration with related Channels

Collaboration is one way to reach more people on your channel. Many big YouTubers also follow this trick. They go to each other’s channels and make introduction videos. 

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This also makes your video reach other channel subscribers and they also subscribe to your channel. Make sure to collaborate with channels that have as many or fewer followers as you. If you approach the big channels, they will never accept your offer.

The best way to search for this is to look in the Audience section of your channel settings. It shows related channels of your channel, you can message or mail them one by one.

Make Searchable Content

Just like a website has SEO, YouTube also has SEO. You have to target queries or keywords that people search for. If you create a video on a keyword that people are searching for, your video will also show up in Google’s web results. Along with this, it will also be seen in the first position on YouTube.

You can use Google Trends to find out which keywords people are searching for the most. For this follow the steps given below.

  • Open Google Trends in the browser
  • Click on 3 dots in the left corner
  • Click on Explore button
  • Write your keyword or query in Add a search term
  • Then in the Filter section select Youtube Search
  • It will show the search volume on this keyword.
  • It will help you to find the best keywords for Youtube video titles.

Google Trends Screenshot

Buy Youtube Subscribers

In the beginning, it is very difficult to get subscribers on the channel. It takes a long time for a new channel to become a guru. So if you want to invest some money then you can get YouTube subscribers at cheap rates. After a lot of research and hard work, I have shortlisted some websites. These websites are trusted and provide 100% subscribers. Which is as follows.

  • SoChillPanel: This website serves as a panel. From here you can get Facebook followers, youtube subscribers, likes, etc. You have to create a server on it. You can get custom subscriptions by creating a free account and getting a server. Many channels today rely on people panels to fulfill their watch time.
  • Bulkoid: This website is also considered trusted for getting social media followers and likes. It has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on TrustPilot. From here you can get YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook followers and likes.
  • FastPromo: This website is perfect for social media promotion. It provides you with the services of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Its rates are very low. From which you can get good followers and subscribers.
  • ViralHq: This website is also considered to be the best website to use for social media marketing. Also, you can get services for every social media at cheap rates.
  • UseViral: Use Viral also provides social media marketing-related services at affordable rates. The rates for YouTube subscriptions on it start from $3. Apart from this, other social media followers can also be taken.

Upload Youtube Shorts

YouTube shorts are the best option to increase your channel’s reach. Considering the popularity of Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook have also introduced Reels and Shorts options. 

Most people in the world use Tik Tok so they like to watch short videos instead of watching long YouTube videos. Therefore, if you make short videos on YouTube, people watch such videos more. 

YouTube also highly recommends shorts to increase engagement on its platform. Apart from this, YouTube shorts are also being monetized.

So if you focus more on YouTube shorts, your reach will also increase and you will also get new subscribers.

Post in Youtube Community Tab


YouTube first introduced the Community tab to some people. But now it is available for all people. You have often noticed that when you open the YouTube app. 

So you see community posts from different people there. YouTube recommends your community posts even if you are not subscribed to a channel. So you can create and share great community posts using Canva.

In the community tab, there is an option to create a pool. You can create different quiz-like pools. The more people vote on it, the more reach you will get. Because the more reactions YouTube gets, the more likely it is to recommend such posts. 

This increases the chances of your subscribers increasing. Many new channels are using this truck. The videos on these new channels are very few but the subscriptions are high because of the community posts.

Choose a tempting thumbnail and title

The thumbnail and title of YouTube videos are very helpful in getting views and subscriptions. 

Whenever your video comes up in search results or YouTube recommends. First, your video’s subtitle and title appear. So if these two things are attractive then you will get maximum reach.

Thumbnails are always custom made and you can use Canva or Photoshop for that. To make the title attractive, you must write the query you are targeting. And which you described in the video. 

If your title doesn’t match the content of the video. It misguides people. And they skip your video and don’t subscribe.

Upload Frequently

If you want to get subscribers on YouTube, you must manage your time. If you don’t put out videos on a schedule, you’ll never get reached. 

Many people upload videos regularly for one or three days. After that, don’t do it for a week. This has a huge impact on their channel. You have to make a schedule and upload videos accordingly. Try to upload one video every day.


On YouTube, if you use the fake sub 4 sub technique then your followers start decreasing after a few days. So avoid such methods as much as possible. If you implement the above points on your YouTube channel, the chances of your subscribers increasing are very high.

How can I get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

Hard work is necessary to gain followers on YouTube. But there are some tips that you can follow to get followers. 
Tip 1: Post Videos Regularly
Tip 2: Create a Search String of Channel
Tip 3: Create a Professional custom thumbnail
Tip 4: Make searchable content
Tip 5: Collab with related Channels

Where to get youtube subscribers?

YouTube subscribers cannot be obtained from anywhere. For this, you have to work hard so that people watch and like your videos. Other websites that give free followers start disappearing after a few days.

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