How to unlock iPhone Easily – 4 Best Ways if your forgot your Password

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Is your iPhone locked because of entering the wrong password several times? Or your kids tried to unlock your iPhone by entering the wrong passcode? Whatever the reason but we will discuss how to unlock iPhone.

Why your iPhone locked

If your iPhone or iPad is locked there are a lot of reasons behind this. But the most common reasons are these

  • Maybe your kids tried to access your iPhone by entering the wrong password.
  • It’s also possible that your friend tried to open your iPhone in your absence.
  • Maybe you forgot your password due to stress and tried to unlock your iPhone by entering different passwords.
  • It’s also possible that your wife tried to unlock your iPhone
  • A friend picks your iPhone and enters his/her iPhone password.

These are the most common reasons. Now we will know how to unlock iPhone if it’s locked accidentally.

How to unlock iPhone if it’s locked by carrier

If you change your carrier then your iPhone is locked. When you are trying to use iPhone with a different carrier then this problem occurs.

To unlock your iPhone if it’s carrier locked follow these steps.

  1. You need to contact your carrier and ask to unlock your iPhone. But first, confirm whether its carrier is locked or not.
  2. How do Check iPhone carrier is locked or not? To check it follow these steps. Go to Settings General > About. If you see the “No SIM restriction” option next to your carrier lock then your iPhone is not locked or unlocked.
  3. But if the “No SIM restriction” option not appears. Then you need to contact your carrier.
  4. How to contact your Carrier:  If your iPhone is carrier-locked then contact them. Click on the link and ask him to unlock your iPhone. You need to send a request to the carrier. It takes 2 to 3 days to complete. 
  5. You can also check the status of your request in this forum.
  6. When your carrier confirms that your phone is unlocked enjoy.

How to unlock your iPhone if you forgot your passcode

The other reason behind the unlocked iPhone is that you forgot the passcode. You can do it with three methods.

Unlock your iPhone using Mac or Pc

As mentioned in the heading this process requires a PC (Personal Computer) or Mac. So if these things are not available the first avail it. Follow these steps.

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  • Then make sure that your PC has Windows 10 or above. Because in Windows 7 or 8 this method not works.
  • Then pick your iPhone cable or other compatible cable and connect it to your PC and iPhone.
  • Turn off Your iPhone: Unplug your phone if it’s connected to pc. Then turn off your iPhone by using a simple method. Every iPhone has a different method. 
  • Setup recovery mode in iPhone: Put your phone in recovery mode. If you don’t know How to put the iPhone in recovery mode. Watch this Video

  • During recovery mode, if you see a passcode window then simply turn off the mobile and turn on it again. 
  • If you cannot see the iPhone recovery mode option. Then contact Apple Support Team
  • Locate your iPhone in the Finder of the PC that is connected to your PC. Then choose the restore and Update option as shown in the screenshot below. Your connected computer automatically downloads iPhone software and starts the recovery process. 

Step 4 Restore your iPhone

  • When it’s finished disconnect from the PC and use your mobile. 
  • The below-mentioned video helps you to Locate your iPhone and start the recovery process using a PC.

How to unlock iPhone without PC or Mac

If you have no PC then the below method will help you to unlock your iPhone without PC.

 Using Find my Mobile

The best option to unlock your mobile without a Pc is by using Find My Mobile. But you need any other device where you can open this website.

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Follow these steps.

  1. In step 1 you need to open and click on the Sign in option.
  2. Make sure that your account is already registered on Otherwise, this option will not work.
  3. In the third step log in using your Apple ID.
  4. Make sure that your Apple ID is also signed in on a locked phone.


  1. After that open the Find my Mobile option as shown below. 


  1. Then click on erase iPhone option and erase all the data as shown below 

Pic 4

How to unlock iPhone from AT&T

If your iPhone is locked due to ATT reasons then before applying for unlocking follow the below steps.

  • Make sure that your AT&T device is not active on another AT&T account.
  • When it’s confirmed then check that your monthly bill is paid.
  • If it’s not then paid your next bill and then request to unlock your phone.
  • If you are reported that you are involved in fraud or scams then your iPhone may be locked.
  • When it’s confirmed that you fulfill all the above requirements now you can apply for unlocking your iPhone as shown below.
  • Submit an Unlock Request: Before submitting your request you need to find your mobile IMEI. To find this dial *#06# or find it in your mobile setting. 
  • Summit Unlock Request: Remember your iPhone IMEI and submit unlock request by clicking on it.
  • Check your Unlock Status: To check the progress of your request click on it.


All the methods are discussed in brief detail with images. So first find your problem why your iPhone is locked and then read the method according to your problem. I am 100% sure that your problem is fixed. If you have any other questions then feel free to contact me. My team is available 25 hours for your help.


Now let’s take a look at frequently asked questions about this article.

How can you unlock a locked iPhone?

If your iPhone is locked by entering the wrong passwords then follow these steps.
Open your iCloud app on another device.
Then click on the Find my Mobile option.
After that click on Erase data. 
When data is erased your iPhone is unlocked.d
If it carrier locked then contact your carrier.

How do unlock iPhone disabled?

If your iPhone is disabled due to the wrong login attempts follow these steps.
Turn off your iPhone
In every Apple model turn-off method is different.
Continue holding the button until the phone recovery option appears on the screen.
If you have created a backup then restore your backup.
When it’s done then your iPhone is unlocked successfully.

Can I unlock my phone myself?

Yes. It’s legal to unlock your phone. But here a point appears. The process of unlocking varies from carrier to carrier. Your phone is likely locked to your current network if you didn’t purchase an unlocked model when you purchased it.

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