3 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Website or Blog

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If you are thinking about Google Adsense alternatives. And looking for a platform that will pay you as much as AdSense. So in this article, I will tell you about the 3 best Google AdSense alternatives. Which will give you as much money as Google Adsense pays you. And it is also straightforward to get approval for them.

In this article, we will also learn about the basic requirements to apply for them. How does it pay you? And what kind of ads do they show on your website?

Why We Need AdSense Alternatives

First of all, it is important to know why we need AdSense alternatives. There may be many reasons behind this, some of which are as follows

  1. Sometimes Google AdSense will reject your website
  2. Google AdSense bans your account due to any violation
  3. You want to put ads from another company with Adsense.
  4. Maybe you are looking for another network that pays more than Adsense.

Whatever the reason, today we’re going to tell you some amazing AdSense alternatives that will blow your mind. In addition, they are also very easy to get approval for them.

Types of Ads

Before putting ads for any company on a website, it is important to know what kind of ads they provide.

Some basic types of ads are

  • Display Ads: These ads are image ads. And they appear in the middle of your post or at the beginning or end of the website.
  • Native Ads: These ads are similar to your post. It looks like an article from your website but it is an ad from another website.
  • Contextual Ads: These are in the form of additional points. These ads appear in the middle of your post. When someone comes across your post, they think it’s part of your website. And he clicks on it.
  • Video Ads: The fourth type is a video ad that appears as a video in your post.

These four types of ads Google Adsense shows on your site. And the ad companies we are talking about. They also provide these four types of ads.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives


The first advertising network is Ezoic. Ezoic is a certified partner of Google. It is a very good alternative to Google Adsense. If you want to create an account on it.

best google Adsense alternatives

So watch this video.

10، 000 publishers are using this platform.You need to wait 30 days to see results.
No minimum pageviews requirement for approvalSetup is a bit difficult as compared to Adsense
The minimum Payout of Ezoic is $20Confusing Interface
The traffic to our website doesn’t need to come from the US.Delay in customer support 

How does Ezoic pay you?

You may have heard of two words in Adsense.

  • RPM: In this, if your website gets a thousand impressions, you get paid.
  • CPC: In this, if someone clicks on an ad, you get paid.

But the way Ezoic works is different. And that’s why it pays you more.

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Ezoic pays you based on visitors not on pageviews. In this case, the user can click on ads or only see ads. In both cases, you get paid. But in Adsense, you will be paid on pageviews.


Google’s advertising network is AdSense. Similarly, Yahoo and Bing have jointly created an advertising network called Media۔net.


It works exactly like Google Adsense. In this, you will get paid even if the ad is displayed on your website and also if someone clicks on it.

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But it has criteria. Sometimes you will get approval only if some traffic to your website comes from UK or USA.

If you get approval then compared to AdSense you will be able to generate more revenue.It pays only in US dollars
You will be paid on visitors, not on pageviews.To get the approval you need most of the traffic from the USA and UK
It pays both on impressions and clicksSometimes real-time revenue is not updated on time
Pays high on contextual adsVisitors have to click twice on your ads

If you want to create an account on it. So watch this video.


MediaVine is a premium advertising network. If your blog is about lifestyle or beauty then this network is very best. But it also has some requirements. 


  • Your website should have 50 thousand visitors per month.
  •  It shows ads on your website that will earn you more money. 
  • The minimum payout in PayPal is $20. And $100 in the bank.
The mediaVine team controls all ads manually. They decide where ads should be displayed on your website so that you get more money.You need a minimum of 50k monthly page sessions required to apply for this.
MediaVine shows ads related to your post. Which drives more clicks.The revenue management system is based on CPM
Everything is transparent and nothing is hidden.You cannot apply for MediaVine if your site is disabled by Adsense.
Their team is available all the time for your support.Their performance and analytics data are not good as compared to Adsense.

Rev Content

There is no proper alternative to AdSense. The reason is that AdSense has a lot of publishers and is owned by Google. Other ad networks have limited publishers which offer very low rates.

If your website is not approved by AdSense and got rejected then you can try alternatives.

Rev Content is the best alternative to AdSense because it offers very good CPC and CPM. Website approval with this Ad Network is simple and easy. Rev Content is basically a native ad network.

These native ads are best as compared to other ad networks. By using Rev Content publishers and advertisers grow their presence easily.

Here are some features of the Rev Content ad network.

  • Ads are lightweight, so your website loads faster and you earn revenue.
  • Ads are users friendly without any interruptions.
  • It offers flexible content.
Revcontent is known for delivering high-quality traffic, which can lead to better engagement and conversion rates for advertisers.Revcontent is known for having a relatively strict approval process for new publishers and advertisers. This could lead to some potential users being rejected or facing delays.
The platform provides various targeting options, such as demographic, geographic, and interest-based targeting, helping advertisers reach their desired audience more effectively.While native ads are designed to blend in, some advertisers might struggle to create ads that provide value without misleading users. Poorly designed or irrelevant ads can lead to negative user experiences.
Many users have reported positive experiences with Revcontent’s customer support, including assistance with campaign setup and optimization.Like any advertising platform, there might be a learning curve, especially for new users trying to navigate the platform’s interface and optimize their campaigns effectively.
Their team is available all the time for your support.Their performance and analytics data are not good as compared to Adsense.


Each platform has its terms and conditions. This article has explained the pros and cons of all ad networks. If you want an alternative to Google Adsense. So you can choose any of them. But first of all, read all the points carefully so that all your query can be solved.


Is there an alternative to Google AdSense?

Yes, there are many alternatives to Google Adsense. Some of them are as follows.

What pays more than AdSense?

Each platform has its terms. Some ad network pays on CPC. So at no RPM. But media is the best alternative to Adsense which gives more money than AdSense. If your website gets visitors from UK and US then it is best for you.

Is there an alternative to AdSense for YouTube?

Yes, there are many alternatives to Google Adsense for Youtube. Some of them are as follows.
Disney Advertising
Full-Screen Media
Warner Bros Discovery

Can I monetize YouTube without AdSense?

If you want to earn money from YouTube without Adsense. So either you use another advertising platform. Or you can earn money from freelancingdigital marketing, and paid promotion۔

What is the best platform to monetize?

If you are a video creator and want a platform from which you can earn money, these platforms can help you.

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