How to write the best Gig Title for Fiverr with examples in 2023

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A gig’s titles play a vital role in Gig ranking. The gig title is the first thing a customer sees. If your gig title is not catchy and SEO optimized, your gig may not rank. In this article, we will talk about the best Gig title for Fiverr

If you want to rank your gig, use the right keywords in the gig that have less competition. And use words that will attract customers to read your gig. In this article, we will learn the best powerful and emotional words for gig titles, keyword researchgig SEO, and some examples of gig titles in different categories.

What is Gig title in Fiverr?

The title on Fiver is a short description of your gig. That tells customers what your gig is about and what you’re offering in that gig.

Importance of Best Gig Title for Fiverr

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The gig title plays a vital role in the ranking of the gig. Just like article title, meta description, and other things should be SEO optimized to rank a keyword on Google. 

In the same way, to gain the first position on Fiverr, it is also crucial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to optimize its title, meta description, etc.

Whenever a customer wants to get a service on Fiverr, he searches for keywords. If you have used this keyword in your gig, your gig will be visible.

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For example, if someone wants to create a logo for himself. So he will search for Logo Designs on Fiverr. If you have used this keyword in your title, your gig will be visible in the search.

 Note: This does not necessarily mean that you should put too many keywords. To write the keywords of any gig, first do comprehensive research on this keyword.

I’m sure you’ve got an idea about the significance of the Gig title on Fiverr.

Powerful and emotional words to use in Gig Title

Words matter a lot to impress any person. Whenever a customer looks at your gig, the gig title is the first thing they see. If your gig contains keywords as well as keywords, then he will read it after being inspired by your gig.

Best Powerful words for Fiverr Gig Title this tex is written on yellow box

So the following is a list of some powerful and emotional words. You can use it according to your gig.

Powerful Words for Fiverr Gig Title

  • Professional
  • High-Quality
  • Creative
  • Unique
  • Customized
  • Affordable
  • Exceptional
  • Quick
  • Reliable
  • Expert
  • Top-Rated
  • Innovative
  • Exclusive
  • Premium
  • Advanced
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Emotional Words for Fiverr Gig Title

  • Captivating
  • Inspiring
  • Heartfelt
  • Useful
  • Cheap
  • Amazing
  • Incredible
  • Reliable
  • Authentic
  • Optimized

I Will Do highly used word in Fiverr Gig Title. About 90% of gigs use this word at the beginning of their titles.

How to Write the Best Fiverr Gig Title

I hope you know about the gig title and its importance. So, let us discuss how to create a good gig title and its characteristics.

How to write the Best Gig Title for Fiverr

Use relevant keywords:

Before writing relevant keywords, it is crucial to find these keywords. Find out what keywords customers use to find this gig. For example, if a person wants to make a logo, he has to search for logo design or logo designing services.

If you use the logo design keyword in your title and description, your gig will also rank for that keyword.

You can use the fiver search option to search for keywords. For example, if you want to create a gig on video editing. As soon as you type video editing into the search, Fiver will throw up a long dropdown list of keywords that include video editing words. 

In This way, you can find long tail keywords. Long-tail keywords play an important role in ranking new freelancers’ gigs.

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Keep your gig title clear and to the point:

Your title should be short and to the point. Try to keep your title between 60 and 80 characters. 

Some tips below may help you.

  • Focus on the primary service in your Gig title
  • Add numbers in the Gig title 
  • Keep it short and sweet

When creating the title, make sure to use simple words. All words should be such that they compel customers to open the gig.

Choose a Gig title with less competition:

If you are a new freelancer, this tip is crucial for you. It’s difficult for new freelancers to rank for gigs with high competition. Keywords with a high level of competition are difficult to rank in the top 10.

So before using any keyword, research its competition. If you use keywords that have less competition, your chances of ranking in the top 10 will be higher.

Never use keywords that have zero search volume. Because if you use such keywords, even if you are in the top 10, you will not get orders.

Use relevant keywords for your services:

Relevancy in the gig title has prime importance. For example, if your gig is on logo designing, you should not do keyword stuffing in the title. If the gig is on logo designing, keywords should also be such that the word logo appears.

Maintain relevancy in the gig. So your customers will find it easier to read and understand your gig.

Fiverr Gig Title Examples

Following are examples of some gig titles from some popular categories on Fiver. After looking at them, you will be at a point where you can write a good gig title.

Fiver Gig Title for Graphic Designing:

  • I will design a professional logo for your business
  • I will create a stunning logo for your business
  • I will design a professional business card
  • I will design eye-catching social media graphics
  • I will create custom graphics for your website
  • I will design a visually appealing infographic

Fiver Gig Title for Social Media Marketing Services:

  1. I will perform a social media audit and provide recommendations
  2. I will manage your social media accounts
  3. I will create and manage social media ad campaigns
  4. I will engage with your audience on social media
  5. I will provide social media consulting services for your business
  6. I will develop engaging content for your social media platforms

Fiver Gig Title for Content Writing Services:

  • I will write high-quality blog posts for your website
  • I will write product descriptions that sell
  • I will write compelling email newsletters
  • I will craft attention-grabbing headlines
  • I will develop an effective content marketing strategy
  • I will create informative white papers and case studies

Fiver Gig Title for SEO Services:

  • I will build SEO backlinks with high-quality contextual link building
  • I will perform a professional technical SEO audit for your website
  • I will perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your website
  • I will conduct thorough keyword research for your niche
  • I will optimize your website’s on-page SEO
  • I will write SEO-friendly articles for you.

Fiver Gig Title for Video Editing Services:

  • I Will Create Professional Video Edits for Your Brand
  • I Will Transform Your Raw Footage into a Masterpiece
  • I Will Edit Your Videos with High-Quality Transitions and Effects
  • I will edit your footage into a funny gaming youtube video
  • I will do professional video editing for you
  • I will do professional youtube video editing

Fiver Gig Title for Website Designing:

  • I will design a responsive WordPress website for small businesses
  • I will create modern website designs in Figma, envision, adobe xd
  • I will design a wix e-commerce website or redesign the wix website design
  • I will design a fully responsive website
  • I will build, fix and create professional company websites
  • I will do a modern website design or UI UX mockup

Fiver Gig Title for Logo Designing:

  • I will design a powerful sports team logo
  • I will do business modern minimalist logo design
  • I will do a modern minimalist luxury business logo design
  • I will do outstanding modern simple logo design
  • I Will Design a Professional Logo for Your Business
  • I Will Craft a Custom Logo that Reflects Your Brand

Fiver Gig Title for AI Services:

  • I Will Develop Custom AI Solutions for Your Business
  • I Will Implement AI to Streamline Your Processes
  • I Will Build Intelligent Systems to Optimize Your Operations
  • I Will Create Machine Learning Models to Drive Insights
  • I Will Design AI Algorithms for Data Analysis and Predictions
  • I Will Develop Natural Language Processing Tools for Your Business

Fiver Gig Title for Data Entry:

  • I will do data entry, copy-paste, web research, and excel data entry.
  • I will be the virtual assistant in data entry, excel data cleaning, and email finding.
  • I will do data entry, excel, scraping, typing, copy paste work.
  • I will do data entry, excel, copy paste work.
  • I will do excel data entry, web research, web scraping, typing, copy paste, and data entry.
  • I will do expert data entry in excel and google Sheets.

Fiver Gig Title for Proofreading:

  • I will proofread and copy-edit your work
  • I will be your meticulous native English proofreader and editor.
  • I will proofread and edit your text in french within 24 hours.
  • I will professionally proofread and edit 1,000 words in 24 hours.
  • I will proofread your ebook or book.
  • I will be your professional proofreader and editor.

Fiver Gig Title for Illustration:

  1. I will draw beautiful children’s book illustration
  2. I will draw doodle art illustration designs on any topic
  3. I will draw ink illustrations for you
  4. I will create a racing illustration for a t-shirt design
  5. I will draw line art illustration building and landscape
  6. I will make vintage and nostalgic retro wall art, flyer, ad, movie poster, illustration

Fiver Gig Title for Virtual Assistant:

  • I will be your virtual assistant
  • I will be your expert virtual assistant
  • I will be your virtual assistant for all administrative needs
  • I will be your professional virtual assistant and web researcher
  • I will be your reliable virtual assistant for all of your needs
  • I will be your best virtual assistant

Fiver Gig Title for Accountants:

  • I will provide expert research services in economics, finance, ethics, accounting
  • I will perform accounting assignments, finance assignments, projects, tasks, and reports.
  • I will help you with accounting and finance and financial statements
  • I will help you with accounting and finance assignments, analysis, profit, and loss
  • I will be your professional virtual assistant.

Fiver Gig Title for Photo Editing:

  • I will do expert photo manipulation and blend images in photoshop
  • I will do professional photoshop manipulation
  • I will do exceptional photo and photoshop editing right now
  • I will design photoshop or PSD web templates, xd website design
  • I will do professional photoshop editing with fast and high quality
  • I will do professional photoshop editing in 2 hours

Fiver Gig Title for Resume (CV) Writing:

  • I will write and upgrade your resume, cv, cover letter, LinkedIn
  • I will write and enhance your resume, cv, cover letter, and Linkedin
  • I will deliver a 12-hour professional resume-writing service
  • I will write your senior, director, VP, svp, or executive resume
  • I will write a winning resume for aerospace engineers
  • I will provide a professional resume writing and cover letter, resume design


This article thoroughly explains all the points related to the Fiverr Gig Title. You can write a professional Fiverr Gig title if you follow these guidelines.


Now let’s dive into frequently asked questions about this article.

Which Fiverr gig is the most demanded?

The most demanded Fiverr gigs are Logo Designing, Web Developing, Video Editing, Resume services, Virtual Assistant, Digital Marketing, AI Services, SEO Services, Proofreading, and Data Entry.

What is the easiest gig on Fiverr?

Hard work and experience are essential to success. If you are an expert in something, you can sell your services on Fiverr. But some simple Fiverr gigs are as follows.
Designing books covers
Social Media Marketing
Sell social meid skills
Video editing

How can I make my Fiverr gig attractive?

Follow these steps if you want to make your Fiverr gig attractive.
Optimize your Gig Title
Create a compelling gig description
Offer low prices
Design professional Thumbnail of Gig
Use attractive colors, fonts, and images in your Gig thumbnail
Ask for feedback

Which are the most expensive Fiverr gigs?

The most expensive Fiverr gigs are SEO, Logo Designing, Video Editing, Resume making, Digital illustration, Social Media Marketing, and Web designing.

What is Gig title in Fiverr?

A gig title is a short description of your gig that tells customers what your gig is about and what service you offer. The title is the first thing customers see in your gig.

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