Facebook monetization in Pakistan in 2023- Step-By-Step Guide

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Just like Youtube monetization Meta (parent company of Facebook) also launched its monetization program. Now creators earn money from Facebook. In this article, we will discuss Facebook monetization in Pakistan and all queries related to Facebook monetization.

Facebook Monetization in Pakistan

Facebook started monetization long back, but it was not available in Pakistan. 

On December 10, 2022, Bilawal Bhutto took to his Twitter account to say that he had visited Facebook’s Singapore office. And Facebook’s monetization has been turned on in Pakistan. But this is only star monetization. With this feature, creators can enable the star option on their reels. The stars option starts showing above the Like button. When users click on the star instead of the Like button they can earn money.

Facebook pays its creators for every star audience gives on reels. According to Facebook, it gives you 0.01 USD for every star. It means that if you receive 100 stars on reels then Facebook gives you $1.

Creators can also turn on stars on Live streaming. If you have a large audience then this feature will help you a lot. During live streaming, you can ask the audience to send stars and then withdraw them into dollars.

Tips to get more and more stars:

If the stars feature is available on your page then follow these tips to get more stars.

  • Ask people to send stars: If you create educational content or any other important content. So write a comment and pin it in the comment section. In this comment, you can explain what stars are and how they help you. If you are giving knowledge to the audience then definitely people will send you stars.
  • Announce Giveaway: During the Live session, you can set a goal of stars in order to announce the giveaway. Tell your audience that I will announce a giveaway if I receive 1k stars. Then surely people will give you stars.
  • Give protocol to star senders: If some people are regularly sending stars to you. Then give them protocol in a live session. Thanks them in the live session or join them in your live session. In this way, more and more people send you stars in order to enter into live sessions.

Bilawal Bhutto brings only stars monetization but in-stream ads are still not available in Pakistan.

But even before that, Pakistani content creators were making money from Facebook pages. For this purpose, they used to make an admin of a country that has Facebook monetization as an admin. And for payment, they use international banks such as Wise. Officially Facebook monetization is not in Pakistan.

As you see now, advertisements started on many Facebook IDs, which did not exist before. Ads have started coming on my id now. The screenshot of which is below. Facebook monetization is in testing in Pakistan. On older ids, ads are coming.

If you have a Facebook page and want to monetize then try to focus on the international audience, not on the Pakistani audience. In order to make money on a Facebook page you have to place ads. Earning depends upon how many times ads are shown on your videos.

In Pakistan ads are showing on 20% ids so if your audience is from Pakistan then you cannot earn more. If your videos are recommended in Pakistan then you can earn limited dollars. Try to focus on an international audience.

Methods you can use to make money from Facebook

Facebook logo with dollar logo showing how can we earn from Facebook monetization

Facebook offers many ways for its creators to make money from it. These features are

  • In-Stream Ads: This feature is for video creators. You have to place ads just like Youtube in your videos to earn money. Facebook offers three types of In-Stream ads including pre-roll, mid-roll, and banner ad formats. You can place ads in your videos without overwhelming your audience. You have full control over ads and which types of ads you want to show on videos. You can also exclude videos from advertisements.
  • Branded Content: In this option, you can collaborate with brands and create sponsored content for different brands. Generate income with collaboration. For example, tech creators with a huge fan following are earning a lot. When a new mobile is released then mobile companies approach them to review their mobile and for this collaboration, they pay to creators.
  • Fans subscription: In this option, your fans send you stars and you will be paid instead of stars in dollars.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can sell brands’ products on Facebook and earn commission from sales. If you have a fan following in the millions then this option is best for you. Join brand affiliate programs and then share your affiliate links with the audience. When the audience purchases from your affiliate link you will get commission.

But In-stream ads are the best option for earning from Facebook. Now let’s talk about the criteria of instream ads.

Facebook in-stream ads eligibility

Like Youtube, Facebook also has eligibility criteria to earn money from it. 

How to check Facebook monetization eligibility

  • Follow Facebook guidelines
  • Your page (not profile) has 10,000 followers
  • You need 600,000 total eligible minutes of watch time in the last 60 days.
  • Maintain at least 5 active videos on the Facebook page
  • Your age must be at least 18 years.
  • Live in instream ads available country.

To check your page eligibility criteria visit this link.


Ad formats
Youtube offers Instream ads, display ads, sponsored content, and a super chat.Facebook offers Instream ads, Branded content, and fans subscriptions. 

1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months  10,000 followers or 60,000 1-minute views in the last 60 days. 

Revenue Share
55% for the creator, 45% for YouTube
55% for the creator, 45% for Facebook

Payout Threshold
The minimum Threshold on Youtube is $100 The minimum Threshold in Facebook is $100 

Reels Monetization
Reel monetization on Youtube is available. Reel monetization on Facebook is available. 

Creator Support
Dedicated support through the YouTube Partner Program Limited support through the Creator Studio 

Monetization Options

Facebook monetization revenue
Youtube offers a revenue share of 55% revenue to its content creators and 45% on Facebook. The minimum withdrawal is 100$Facebook offers the same revenue share just like Youtube. 55% revenue to its content creators and 45% on Facebook. The minimum withdrawal is 100$

If you work on original content then you can earn from in-stream ads. Many people use others’ content for earning than your Facebook page is not monetized. If you use other songs and movie clips then the copyright owner will give you penality or strike. Once you receive a strike Facebook will not recommend your videos.

Facebook reels monetization

Facebook also offers reel monetization. When TikTok launched people usually watch short videos. On average 140 billion reels are played every day on Facebook.  Looking at TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram have also launched Rails. You can also earn money from Reels if you follow the monetization criteria.

Facebook Reels monetization option. Reels are playing in mobile with this text written in black color.

Now let’s talk about how to enable Facebook ads on reels.

  • First, go to Facebook creator studio.
  • In the Monetization tab check In-stream eligibility for your page.
  • If shows your page is eligible click on setup
  • Select your page and click on agree on terms and conditions
  • Set up payment method and start earning.

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Facebook Reels bonus program

Facebook offers bonus revenue on reel play. If you want to set up the Facebook reels bonus option follow these steps.

  • Go to Creator Studio > Monetisation > Bonuses
  • Click on the Get Started button.\
  • Accept Terms&conditions
  • The bonus runs for 30 days at a time. When 30 days passed you will automatically be joined the next bonus program.

How do you get bonuses on Facebook reels?

If you want to be eligible for Facebook reel monetization. Then your reels get 1000 views in the last 30 days. It’s to remember that you own reel content. It will not be copied or pasted.

How to monetize Facebook page in Pakistan

Like YouTube, you can earn money from Facebook. But the question arises that on YouTube if you fulfill your monetization criteria then the ads start running after the review. 

But Facebook is not like that because Facebook doesn’t officially allow in-stream ads in Pakistan – but there are some methods you can use to monetize your page in Pakistan.

If your friend or relative lives abroad where Facebook allows in-stream ads. So you can make this person the admin of your page. It allows you to monetize your page while staying in Pakistan. Many such companies also get you to monetize the page.

If Pakistani banks don’t accept Facebook payments, you can use Wise. Wise is an international platform that gives you a US bank account. With this, you can easily transfer your money to any Pakistani bank. The good thing is that it charges little amount of tax. 

Many of my friends are earning money from Facebook living in Pakistan. And they are getting their payment through Wise.   

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Facebook monetization is not officially available in Pakistan. But Facebook Stars monetization is available in Pakistan. But many big pages of Pakistan are making money from Facebook by making an admin of a foreign country.


Now let’s talk about frequently asked questions about this article.  

Is Facebook monetization available in Pakistan?    

Facebook has launched a star monetization feature in Pakistan. Through which creators of Pakistan can earn money from Facebook. But Facebook’s in-stream ads are not officially available in Pakistan.

How much does Facebook pay for 1,000 views?

Facebook pays creators on a CPM basis. But if we take the example of the USA, their CPM is between $2 to $6. This means that if your video gets 1000 views, I will get paid between $2 and $6.

Is Pakistan eligible for Facebook reel monetization?  

Facebook Stars Monetization is available in Pakistan. If you see, the stars option is coming on the reels. But till now in-stream ads are not available in Pakistan. 

How can I monetize my FB page from Pakistan?  

If your Facebook Page meets the monetization criteria. So you can earn money from Facebook. If you want to monetize the page in Pakistan, you need to create an admin in a foreign country where Facebook Ads are available.   

What are the requirements for FB page monetization?  

To monetize your page on Facebook you have to fulfill some requirements. There should be at least 10000 followers on our page. And must have 60,000 1-minute views within the last 60 days. And the country you are in should have Country Eligibility for Facebook.                                                                                                                          

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