3 Best Ways for Whatsapp Delete Photo recovery

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WhatsApp has become a popular messaging app. Millions of people use it daily. Sometimes we accidentally delete some photos or videos. We want to recover these files. So in today’s article, we will learn about WhatsApp delete photo recovery.

We share many photos and videos daily on WhatsApp. Due to low storage on mobile, we delete these files from the chat. When we delete these files from the chat, they are also deleted from the gallery. 

If any of these important photos or videos have been deleted by us, it is very easy to recover them. Today we will know how easily we can recover all deleted files.

Whatsapp Delete Photo recovery methods

Recovering deleted WhatsApp photos and videos is very easy. Following are some methods by which you can recover all files.

Method 1

If you accidentally deleted WhatsApp files, you can recover them without any third-party app. So let’s know how this can be done.  

With this method, you can recover from the WhatsApp file manager folder.

  • If your delete photos from chat accidentally.
  • To recover go to Filemanager and then to Internal Storage

In Internal Storage find the Andriod folder. You can search this folder using the search icon. 


In Andriod go to the Media folder


In this folder open the com. WhatsApp folder as shown in the screenshot below. 


Here go to Whatsapp Folder.  

In Whatsapp Folder go to the Media folder.  

In the media, folder find which file is deleted audio, video, or Photos.  

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For example, your file is photos. Then go to the Whatsapp Images folder. 


In this section open the Sent folder. 


The sent folder contains all your files. which you have deleted from the gallery. Or you have sent these files to someone but you can’t find them in WhatsApp.

Method 2

In the default setting of WhatsApp when we delete a chat from WhatsApp chat. This file is also automatically deleted from the gallery. 

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If you want to prevent that file from still being in your gallery even if you clear the chat, this method can help you.

Go to Whatsapp and open any chat on which you want to change this setting.


Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.   

Then open Media, links, and docs


Here long press on any file and then click on the delete icon. 


When you click on delete popup appears saying Also delete media received in this chat from the device gallery

In this section, you will see Cancel, Delete for Me, and Delete for Everyone tabs.  

Now, uncheck the first option to avoid deleting media from the phone gallery.  

So this file will be deleted from your chat, not from your gallery.

Method 3

If you have deleted some important WhatsApp files. You don’t even have a backup of these files. So for that, you can do this with software. The name of this software is DroidKit. All information on how to use it is given below.

For this go to the DroidKit website and Download and install this software. 

F1 jpg

Then open this software.  

Here click on Data Recovery> Whatsapp Recovery.

F2 jpeg

Here you can see Whatsapp Recovery click on the Start button. 

F3 jpeg

In this section, you connect your Andriod Device.  Connect your device using a USB cable.

F4 jpg

Also, enable the USB Debugging option in the mobile setting.   

Then it will start installing Droid Kit on your Android device. 

F6 jpeg

Here you will need to create a Whatsapp Chat backup.  

Then click on Next 4 times

It will show all your files You can recover them. 


Above are three methods to recover WhatsApp photos and videos that work. If one doesn’t work, the other will. I have tested them practically. If you face any problem even after that you can ask. I will solve your problem as soon as possible.


Here are some frequently asked questions about this article.

Can you recover permanently deleted WhatsApp photos?

Yes, you can recover permanently deleted photos. For this, you can use third-party apps and WhatsApp chat backup features.

How can I recover my WhatsApp deleted photos without backup?

If you don’t have a WhatsApp chat backup, you can still recover. For this AirDraw software can help. It can recover all your files easily. And it’s software free.

How long does WhatsApp keep deleted photos?

If you delete a file, the photo remains in WhatsApp for 30 days. To recover it you can go to the Sent folder of WhatsApp and recover.

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