How to start Affiliate Marketing with no Money in 2023

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Global affiliate marketing value stands at $ 17 billion. This shows how much you make money from this industry. 

Almost 80% of Youtubers, Content Creators, and Influencers use affiliate marketing to generate more and more income.

When you are watching Youtube videos or reading articles you will notice that creators are promoting some products by sharing their online links. These links are affiliate links and they get fixed share when a person buys the product from the link.

I am sure that when you want to purchase something you see reviews of this product. Then there are 90% chance that you will buy from your favorite creator link because you trust him. This is called affiliate marketing. 

According to Similar Web, the US affiliate market holds 39% share of the global shares. Uk is the second number with a worth of 15%.

In this article, we will learn how to start affiliate marketing in simple steps if you are a beginner. You need no money to start affiliate marketing. These steps will help you a lot.

Now let’s dive into them 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Here are some steps.


Choose a Niche

The first step is choosing the best niche if you want to start affiliate marketing. While choosing a niche you should be very careful and research it.

Find a niche that has a small market segment.

For example, if we see Technology then this is a vast niche. It is not possible to cover this whole niche. It is further divided into smaller niches which are Hardware, Games, Mobile Phones, Keyboards, etc.

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So choose a smaller niche instead of working in a vast field. Choose a niche in which you are experienced. If you are interested in Technology and you choose shoes then there is an 80% chance that you fail. 

Some recommended niches are

  1. Travel Guide Books 
  2. Technology further divided into micro-niches
  3. Gaming
  4. Lifestyle and wellness
  5. Pet care
  6. Health and Fitness

These are ideas you can choose micro-niches of these ideas easily.

Select the best Affiliate Network

After deciding on a niche second step is choosing the best affiliate network where you share your affiliate links. 

This is dived into two steps.

  1. How to get Affiliate Links
  2. Where to share these links

How to get Affiliate Links: Many online platforms offer affiliate programs. You need to join their affiliate program and then create your affiliate links.

Pro Tip: Many fake platforms are based on scams. They misguide their users and pay nothing in the end. So before choosing any other platform first research them. But above mentioned are highly recommended and trusted.

Most recommended platforms are

  • Amazon
  • Daraz
  • ClickBank
  • Impact
  • Awin

Where to share these links: After joining the platform then the question is where to share your affiliate links. There are many options.

Such as 

  • Create your Website
  • Use social media such as Facebook, Instagram
  • Create a Youtube Channel

Create your Website


The best way to start affiliate marketing is to create your website. If you want to create it for free then use Blogger which is 100% free. 

But if you want to invest some money then try WordPress and buy a hosting platform. The best hosting and domain-buying platforms are

  • Hostinger
  • NameCheap
  • Cloudways
  • HostGator
  • GoDaddy 

Use social media such as Facebook, and Instagram

Another option is to create Facebook Page or Instagram account. Then share your affiliate links. It’s only helpful if your followers are above 10K.

But you have also the option of running ad campaigns to boost your page or Instagram profile.

Create a Youtube Channel

Most affiliate marketers use Youtube to share their affiliate links. It’s helpful because when a person wants to buy something like a Mobile or other Gadget. Then he watches reviews of YouTubers about this product. 

YouTubers also give reviews and share their affiliate links. There are 90% chances that people buy this product from your affiliate links. 

Affiliate website creation guide

If you want to create your affiliate website. Then these tips will help you a lot.

According to research, affiliate websites get more traffic on affiliate links as compared to Youtube channels.

Create your website in these simple steps:

  • Choose your niche
  • Use WordPress or Blogger to start a website.
  • On WordPress buy hosting from recommended hosting websites mentioned above.
  • Buy a Domain for your website.
  • Choose the best theme and apply this
  • Choose the best plugins for SEO
  • Create SEO-friendly posts using images and best tags
Pro Tip: Some hosting providers are scams. Because if your website load faster then their are high chances that people visit your website. So choose from the above-recommended platforms to buy hosting. 

Choose a high-paying platform

You will be very careful in choosing an affiliate program. If the commission is good then you will earn more.

Recommended platforms are Amazon and ClickBank.

There are three types of affiliate programs.

Low Commission, High Volume: These programs are in high demand but have low commissions. In these programs, there are high chances of earning because of their high search volume.

High commission, low volume: In this program, there are high commissions but very low volume. In this program, there are very low chances of earning. Because interest in people is very low. So if the interested people are low then low chances of earning. 

High commission, high volume: These programs have a lot of competition but there are high chances of earning. Because it’s most demanded. 

SEO affiliate Content guide

Insufficient content and careless placement of affiliate links will not convert your audience into buyers. The goal of a successful affiliate marketer is to earn the trust of their existing audience by connecting and engaging with them.

Thus create content that is SEO-friendly and helps your audience.

You can use tools that help you write SEO content.

These are

  1. Ubbersuggest helps you to find keywords that have high search volume and low competition.
  2. Google Trends helps you to find the best keywords and topics.
  3. Keyword Surfer helps you to find search volume and also website visitors.

How to drive traffic to Affiliate Website


When you write enough content on your affiliate website then you need traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps you a lot in this regard.

The higher your website appears in search the higher your chances of getting traffic. 

These tips help you to boost traffic on your affiliate website.

  • Use E-Mail Marketing 
  • Share your affiliate links on Social media
  • Active on your Youtube Channel
  • Join Whatsapp, Facebook groups 
  • Join active discussions forums
  • Write guest posts
  • Run ad campaign using Google ads

Cloak your affiliate links to avoid scams

In online businesses, there are high chances of scams. In affiliate marketing, there are chances of scams.

So if you use the Cloak links technique then it helps you to avoid scams. This technique protects you from link hijacking. 

Link hijacking is one of the biggest scams in affiliate marketing. Usually, it is done by professional hackers. They change your affiliate URL to steal your commission.

For Example, if your URL is like this then there are chances of link hijacking.*

So use the below link and change it as shown below.

This link satisfied your users that they are in the right place. Link cloaking also helps you to prevent scams.

Increase affiliate sales and track them

Tracking your affiliate links helps you to realize what is wrong with your article and which affiliate post is performing better.

For Example, if you use some trending tags and your post gets more views. Then track them and use these tags in the next affiliate article.

Usually, Affiliate program websites show this data in the affiliate dashboard. You can also use other tools to see more results.

Boost your affiliate Income

If you join affiliate marketing then your main focus should be earning. So it is necessary to learn tips that boost your earnings. 

  1. Choose the best affiliate program
  2. Understand what your audience likes and dislikes
  3. Offer a bonus
  4. Create Good content
  5. Promote your affiliate links using Facebook groups
  6. Run ad comparing using Facebook, Google advertisement


Everyone business needs some time to reach its peak. So if you are thinking that you will join an affiliate program and start earning then you are wrong. Affiliate marketing needs a lot of hard work, strategies, Time, and patience. So if you have these qualities then try them otherwise leave it. 


How do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner

If you are a beginner and want to start affiliate marketing then follow these steps. 
Choose a Niche
Select the best Affiliate Network
Affiliate website creation guide
Choose high-paying platform
SEO affiliate Content guide
How to drive traffic to Affiliate Website
Cloak your affiliate links to avoid scams
Increase affiliate sales and track it

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money?

Most people start affiliate marketing with no money. The best way is to register your account on affiliate marketing and then share your links with your friends. You can also use email marketing, Share in Facebook groups, and share on other social media platforms.

Is affiliate marketing hard to learn?

Affiliate marketing is a skilled field. But no one is 100% professional. You can start it and when you use it then slowly you will learn more and more about it. If you use the mind then it’s not too hard. 

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