7 ways to check your phone number of sim easily

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When someone asks for your phone number and you didn’t remember is the most embarrassing moment.

It only happens when a person has 2 mobile phones. In this article, we will know how to check your phone number easily. 

If you are a businessman and someone asks for your business number and you don’t remember then it looks weird.

Sometimes it happens when you change your mobile or you use your sim after a long time. When you checked the sim after a long time and didn’t remember the number. We will fix your problem.

How to check your Phone Number

Let’s start.

Use USSD codes to check your phone number

If you have a sim on your mobile and you want to check your mobile number. This method is best and free.

Every cellular network provides a USSD code. This code is used to check Sim (Subscriber Identity Module

) number. 

You simply dial this code on your mobile and it will show the sim number which you are using. 

Tip: This method works only when you want to check the phone number of the sim you are using. If you dial the code from another sim then this code will not work.

These USSD are differnt in different coutnries.

In the USA (United States of America) some companies USSD codes to check sim numbers are 

  • To locate your AT&T prepaid number call on 800.901.9887 or dial 611 from your AT&T wireless phone
  • To check your phone number on Cellcom dial *777 to hear your number.

These are some USSD codes you can contact your provider. It will give you codes.

In India and Pakistan, some companies’ USSD codes are as follows

  • The Aircel code is *131#
  • BSNL code is *1#
  • The Videocon code is *1#
  • Tata Docomo code is *580#
  • The idea, Sprint code is *147#
  • Zong code is *100#
  • Telenor code is *8888#

You can find other network provider codes from the helpline and dial it to check your number.

Call a friend


This method is straightforward. This method is in use from last many years because this is a simple method.

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You just need to call your friend or family member. When you call from your number then your number appears on another mobile screen. In this way, you can easily find your mobile number.

Tip: If you have no balance in your sim. Then many network providers give one call free or another person received a missed call from your number. 

Check your phone number in the mobile setting

To find out the phone number in the mobile setting follow these steps.

To check your sim number on mobile go to Settings> About>Phone or device> Status/Phone identity>Network.

Contact your network provider

To check your mobile number you can call your network provider. When you talk to your network provider then they will tell you your number.

You can also contact your network provider on social media such as Facebook.

Tip: Keep in mind that call from your mobile number if you want to know. You can also tell them your ID card number and asked them about how many sims are registered on your ID.

Find the number by checking the sim packaging

If you forgot your sim number then you can check it on your sim packaging.

When you buy a new sim the company gives you a card and a user manual. On this card, your mobile number is mentioned. You just need to search for this card from your home and check your number.

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If you cannot find your card then find this card in these places in your room.

  1. Search it in your computer table locker
  2. Search for it in your books or shelf
  3. Search for it in your wallet
  4. Search it in your documents files

Find from the old bill

Find from bill

This is also the easiest method to check your mobile number.

When Telecom, electricity, and Gas provider companies send you monthly bills then there is a 99% chance that your mobile number is written on it.

Find your mobile number in Andriod

If you are an Andriod user and want to check the sim number then this method will help you in this regard.

Open the Settings app of your Android mobile, select About phone, and then check the Phone number rows for your mobile phone number.

There are chances that your mobile number is written on it.

Check your Phone Number on your iPhone or iPad

If you are an iPhone user then this method will help you.

Siri will automatically add your phone number to your contact card when you insert your SIM card into your iPhone or iPad.

You can find your contact card in your iPhone settings.


All the above methods are 100% working. But if you contact your service provider in case you do not USSD code then I suggest you call your friend or family member and ask them to tell you your number.

If you have any other queries then contact me I will help you.

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Frequently asked questions about this article. If your problem is not solved then feel free to contact us. Our team replies you as soon as possible.

What is the USSD code in Mobile?

USSD stands for (Unstructured Supplement service data). Data can be transmitted over a network using this protocol. Using USSD Codes you can get various kinds of service in just one click.

How can I know the owner of the mobile number?

You can find the sim owner by using some identifiers applications. The most commonly used for this purpose is True Caller. This app is available for both Android and iPhone.

When it is required to USSD code for Sim number checking?

It’s only required when you buy a new sim because on your mobile there is no related information related to this number. 
In other cases, your mobile number is available in your mobile settings.

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