11 ways to increase Facebook Followers and Likes Easily

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Facebook has become one of the largest social media platforms today. Every famous brand has created a Facebook page to boost company sales.

Facebook has almost 2.9 billion active users. So it is important to create a page for a company or brand. In this way, people know about the company’s upcoming products and discounts. 

But here a question arises of how to increase Facebook followers and likes. Because to increase company sales it is necessary to gain followers. So that more and more people view the page and company profits boost. 

In this article, we will talk about 10 ways to increase Facebook followers organically. Facebook’s algorithm is so strong that it detects fake ways to increase followers. 

Create posts on trending topics:

Creating posts on trending topics is an easy way to increase Facebook followers and likes. When a topic or video is trending. Then more and more people search for it and want to know about it.

As a result, more sub-topics arise about a current topic. If you want to know about trending topics, tools such as BuzzSumo. Google Trends, Facebook’s trending option.

Create posts on trending topics

When a post or video becomes viral, it will be seen everywhere on social media. So if you are a video creator pick a trending topic and create a post or video on it.

In this way, there is a 90% chance that your video becomes viral, and in this way, your followers increase. If a trending design is popular, you can create your brand content according to it. 

Important Tip: If a video becomes viral, you should use your brain and create a video that covers sub-topics about this topic. It gains more and more engagement.

Create Quality Content:

As the saying goes, content is king. This doesn’t mean your content has to be descriptive. This means that your content should attract people. If someone watches your video, follow him till the end.

So, to be successful on Facebook, your content must be good. It would help if you did not run after shortcuts. Focus on your content, it may take time for you to be successful, but your success will be eternal.

Post Facebook videos daily:

According to research, daily videos engage more and more people. I asked many famous Facebook celebrities and they told me that creating video content engages more followers.


So create videos and post them daily. Facebook promotes videos more than photos. On Facebook, there is a watch option that promotes videos easily. 

When your content is engaging and informative, people will watch it for at least one minute. In this way, the Facebook algorithm suggests your related videos to this person. 

Run a Facebook advertisement campaign

You will benefit greatly from this method if you want to invest money. Facebook ads are the most effective option.

You can boost brand awareness with Facebook ads when you release a brand-new product. 

When you run a Facebook advertisement, it shows ads to people who are interested in this product.

Facebook’s algorithm is too fast and it knows the likes and dislikes of people. So it shows ads to people who like the product.

As part of your daily routine, you realize that you can search for something on Google or YouTube. There is a 99% chance that Facebook will show ads related to this product in your news feed.

So if you run an ad campaign, it attracts more and more customers. Promoting your business on Facebook is the most effective method.

The most appealing thing about Facebook ads is that their rates are too low.

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Create attention-grabbing content

If you want to gain more followers. Then your content should have the ability to appear in the Facebook feed option.

You need to create a professional thumbnail that attracts people. In recent research, 80%, of people click on a video that has an attractive thumbnail.

Girl with white dress in happy mood and text is written which is create attention-grabbing content

But only a professional thumbnail will not help you. There should be something informative and captivating in your video.

You need to use attention-grabbing words in the first 30 seconds. If your first 30 seconds are not good then there are rare chances that people view your video.

Suppose your page is about products and sales. Then make a video with professional music to attract followers. Use your products pics in High Resolution.

Important Tip: Use an HD camera for video and a professional video editor. Recommended video editors are

  • Camtasia Studio
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adobe After Effects

Use Professional audio editing software because Audio plays an important role in video promotion. Recommended video editors are 

  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity

Add your Facebook page to your website:

If you own a brand then there are 99.0% chances that you have a website. 

If you use your social media links on your website. Then there are higher chances that people who visit your website visit your Facebook page and like it. So link your Facebook page to your website. Because when someone visits your website, they will like your page. For this, you can use the infographics on the patch. So that people on your Facebook patch stay connected to your website and website audience with your patch.

Benefits of Linking Facebook Page to the Website.

  • It makes it easier for people to find the other content platform you maintain for your business.
  • The links make sharing process more convenient for the customers
  • It will expand your brand reach
  • It increases engagement

Announce a giveaway on the page:

Announcing giveaways on your Facebook page helps you a lot to increase followers.

Man wearing gradient color shirt holding mic announcing

To grow any brand, it makes a lot of sense to give discounts in the form of advertising and giveaways on various items. For example, if you have a technology patch. On this, you review mobiles and mobile accessories. So you can have a mobile giveaway.

For this, you have to make a condition to like and share this page with up to 10 people to participate in this giveaway. When 10 people see it, they will share it with the next 10 and join the giveaway themselves. This has a 100% chance of increasing your page likes.

Share your giveaway to niche Facebook groups or forums, giveaway websites, and of course on your Facebook page. 

If you announce a giveaway on your page then it will help you to engage more followers. 

If you run a brand related to clothes and shoes then announce a sale on old products. You can announce 60% or 70% discounts.

Meetups with famous influencers:

If you want to gain followers then meeting up with celebrities or influencers is the best trick.

Young boys and girls wearing white shirts doing podcasts and holding the mic

When you meet influencers who have huge fan followings then you can create a video with them. After that tag page of the influencer in the video. After tagging, if you run the post or video ad on Facebook targeting that celebrity’s audience. So this post will reach many followers the celebrity. If they see their celebrity, they will visit the page and like it. Nowadays many famous brands and celebrities collaborate.

Then it will show your video to the influencer audience. Because this influence is tagged in a post. 

If you notice celebrities they collab with each other. In this way, they promote their page and brand.

So collab with influencers will help you to increase your Facebook followers.

Try Facebook Live:

Going live on the Facebook page is the best option for engaging more customers.


If you sell products then you have the option of going live and describing products using Facebook live.

If you have a new product then you should tell your friends that this new product is unboxed on page Tuesday. In this way, people follow your page to see amazing products.

Facebook shows live videos on the Facebook live map. So it will help you to increase your followers.

Invite people to Like Facebook Page:

One of the easiest and free ways to increase followers is by inviting your friends to like your Facebook page.

Sometimes Facebook shows you a notification to invite people to like your page.

So Facebook also allows you to invite people. Also, you can invite your family and friends to like your page.

You should, however, keep in mind that a small, targeted audience is better than a large, broad one, since this may limit the effectiveness of your future ads.

Share content on famous pages:

If famous pages give you Shoutouts then it will help you to increase Facebook followers.

If you want to get a shoutout from Page then you should find pages similar to your category.

Some pages provide paid shoutouts. It will share your video on its wall and its story. If the niche of this page and your page then it will boost your engagement and you get more likes.


The Facebook algorithm becomes strong. It will detect fake ways. So if you want to gain followers using by using fake techniques then Facebook detects you. So if you want to invest use Facebook advertisements. Otherwise, create engaging content to boost followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discuss frequently asked questions about this article.

How can I get 1000 followers on Facebook fast?

To get the first 1000 followers to follow these steps.
Fill out your complete page profile
Invite your friends to your Facebook Page
Boost your posts
Receive shoutouts from famous pages
Add Facebook buttons on your website

How do I get 10k followers on Facebook?

To get the first 10k followers to follow these steps.
Optimize your Facebook page
Share your page on your profile
Invite your friends to like your Facebook page
Create engaging products
Use trending tags

Is an increase in Facebook followers beneficial How?

If you increase your followers then it will help you to increase your brand awareness. If you sell products then it will increase your sales. It will help you to gain more and more likes and comments.

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