10 Best Websites to Download PC Games for Free

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Everyone likes to play games. But when it comes to PC games, it becomes very difficult to download them because either they are not available or they have to be purchased. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about. In today’s article, we will talk about the best websites to download PC games.

Many good PC games are not free. So it becomes very difficult for the common man to buy it as their price is very high. But it doesn’t mean that a person should stop playing the game if they can’t buy it. 

The games can be downloaded for free from a variety of websites. These websites are legal and all games downloaded from them do not contain any viruses or malware.

So let’s know about the websites from which you can download games for free.

Best websites to download pc games

Here are the best websites to download PC games for free.

Epic Games

Epic Games is the best website to download PC games. On this website, you will get to see new games every month. This website has a free games section where many games are available for free. You can play them for free.

epic games website

On this website, you need to sign up and create an account. After that, you have to log in to your account. After that, you can play the games in it for free. After that, you can play this game anytime. It is added to your account.

Epic Games has many popular games that you can play for free. Its free games section has new games coming every day which you can enjoy for absolutely free.


Steam is also a great website for playing games. This is a games community. From here you can buy many games. It also has many free games that you can enjoy. New games are updated every day.

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In this, you get the option to install Steam. After installing you can access many games for free. It also has an application that you can install on your PC. And can enjoy new games.

Which is available in free games. A separate section has been given for these games. From this, you can play your favorite game.

UBI Soft Store

Ubisoft Store is also a very good website for downloading games. It has demos of many games. You can take trials of these games for free. Also, many games are available for free. Which you can play.

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Most of the games you get are free for a lifetime. This website is free from malware. And you can easily download and play the most popular games. Almost all popular games are available here.


If you also want to enjoy games for free, Battle.net can be a great option. Almost all the best games are available on this free website.


On this website, you have to create your account and you can log in in simple steps. You can also log in with Google, Facebook, and Apple ID. When you log in, you will be shown all the games that are available on this website.

Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming website is newly launched and is best to download and play games for free. This website is from Amazon and almost all PC games are available on this website.

Every day new offers are coming on this website in which many games are gifted to you for free which you can download for free and play for a lifetime.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is also a great website where you can play the games for free. There are many free games on this website that you can easily play without any charges. You can play Apex Legends, PUBG, and many other popular games for free.

All the games on this website come with good graphics and you can enjoy playing them for free.

Riot Games

This website is also considered best for playing games. On it, you will find many games for free. There are no charges of any kind to download the game, you can enjoy playing free of cost.

Every day new games are updated on it which you can check daily and play your favorite game.


Battle.net is also a great website to play and download games. New games keep coming to this website to download for free. Apart from this, if you want to buy a game, this website also keeps running discount offers that you can enjoy.

Compared to other websites, you will find many games at cheaper rates and mostly for free.

Electronics Arts

Many games for PC will also be available on this website. Which you can play for free. Any game that is available on this website for free is featured on the front page. If you check every day, there are many new games that you can play.

Xbox Games


Xbox is a product of Microsoft. On which you will get to see games for free. The Xbox collection consists of categories of games from which you can select the games according to your choice. And can play for free.


On all the above websites you get new offers every day which you can enjoy. On some websites, you can get your favorite game at half a rate and most of the games are free for a lifetime. This website is real and free from any type of malware.


Here are some frequently asked questions about this article.

What is the best site to download games?

f you want to download games for free then Electronics Arts, Riot Games, and Prime Gaming are the best options for you. On these websites, new free games are updated on a daily basis.

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